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CTS Staff
Every member of the Center Target Sports family is passionate about the shooting sports industry and is here to share their experiences and excitement with you.

Deb Debbie Behary - Manager

Deb first became acquainted with CTS by taking the RTBAV class. Shortly after that she became a member and avid CTS shooter. Deb joined the staff part time in 2011 and in 2013 accepted the manager position. In 2015 she was honored to be asked to serve on the Board of Directors for the Post Falls Food Bank. Deb also enjoys cooking, baking and being on the lake whenever possible.

Paul Votava Paul Votava - Sales

Paul is a retired instrumentation engineer. His extensive design and field testing of weapons and their delivery systems, brings a real sensitivity to safety. After retiring, he finally had time for personal pursuits of civilian weapons. Our "science guy" says, always start with the basics. So, from military weapons he started one hobby of black powder muskets, rifles, pistols, and golf ball shooting cannons. That hobby was shared at Boy Scout Jamborees educating our youth.

He volunteers teaching 4th graders math and science. He is very proud of their new passion for science and their ability to compute the kinetic energy of a 18-wheeler vs. a mini van (reason for seat belts), and a 9-mm vs. a golf ball. "His" 4th graders love his CTS shirt.

Dennis Mader Dennis Mader - Sales/Instructor

Dennis and his family moved to Idaho about 20 years ago after his retirement as a Special Agent for the State Attorney General's office.  During this time he was also a district firearms/ training officer, and was certified by the FBI in their training methods. He graduated from the CHP, DOJ, and the DEA National Academies, and holds multiple POST certificates. 

Dennis is also a long time student of historical firearms and their development, which has continued to today as a pastime and a real interest, so if you have any questions about that old or vintage firearm, please ask him.  Dennis is a Co-founder of SASS, Cowboy Action Shooting and a member of the following: Cody Museum;   Sharps Collectors Association Co Founder/Life; Colt Collectors Association;     Single Action Shooting Society Co Founder/Life; NRA Life.  Dennis currently teaches at CTS Basic Pistol, Basic Pistol 2, Home Defense Shotgun and numerous owner orientation classes.  He is a certified NRA Range Officer, Pistol Instructor and Home Protection Instructor.

Rob Beck Rod Beck - Sales/Instructor

Rod retired in Idaho after almost 30 years in the United States Army. He also taught Military Science, Physical Education/Training, and a Leadership Lab for ROTC cadets at Gonzaga University for two years.

His hobbies include flying and building remote control model airplanes, woodworking, and going to dog shows with his 5 border collies.

He's been married to his wife Kimberly for 41 years, they have one daughter, two granddaughters, and a grandson in the Marines.

Adam SnodgrassAdam Snodgrass - Gunsmith

Adam served Honorably in the Marines from 2007-2014. He graduated from the Colorado School of Trades / Receiving a Gunsmithing certification and is also a Custom Gun builder. His favorite pistol is the 1911 and his favorite rifle is the M1A.

Steve (Murph) Murphy Steve (Murph) Murphy - Sales

Steve recently retired from a 42 year Profession as a Clinical Perfusionist in Open Heart Surgery. He has always been interested in the outdoors and firearms. In pursuit of that interest he attended many of the classes offered at Center Target Sports. When an opportunity to work at Center Target Sports became available, he signed on. He's looking forward to meeting and helping the many customers at Center Target Sports.

Erik Behary Erik Behary - Instructor

Erik grew up in a small town in Northern MN, and moved to Idaho 8 years ago. After graduating High School, he went to Lake Superior College and earned a certificate in Commercial Vehicle Operation. He has been driving commercial vehicles for over 16 years now both OTR and Local. Erik became hooked on firearms after firing his first shot from a .22 rifle and since then has become a training junkie on anything having to do with guns. "I have been blessed to study and learn under Ed for the last 8 years. He has been a mentor to me and was my motivation to become an Instructor."

Two pieces of advice for anyone reading this: 1. Go to school and get as much education as you can. Your body will wear out long before your mind ever will!!! 2. Train as YOU LIVE!!!

Bob Bogolea Bob Bogolea - Sales

Bob and his wife are recent arrivals to Post Falls after both retiring from careers in Law Enforcement. After serving four years in the Marines, he was hired as a Sheriffs Deputy in California, retiring 29 years later with the rank of Sergeant. During his career with the Sheriffs Department Bob worked in a variety of units including; Patrol, Field Training, K-9, EOD, SWAT, Search & Rescue, and Boat Patrol/Dive Recovery. The majority of his time was spent with the Firearms Training Unit, where he was the Chief Range Master, Department Armorer, and Training Supervisor. Bob provided training in Tactical Pistol, Patrol Rifle, Shotgun, and Sub-Machine gun/CQB. He has had Armorer training for Glock pistols, 1911 pistols, Mossberg Shotgun, and AR-15/M-16 platform rifles.

In 2000, Bob was granted a year leave of absence from the department to work as a civilian contractor in Kosovo, assigned to the International Police Task Force. He worked with police officers from around the world, rebuilding the country's law enforcement infrastructure. Bob and his wife are extremely happy living in Northern Idaho and plan to explore all that the Inland North West has to offer.

Delina Durtschi Delina Durtschi - Administrative Assistant

Delina has had experience in many ventures including, Nordstroms, a hospital, an insurance company and a cardiology office. She is most proud of her husband of 40 years, their five grown sons and their 12 (almost 14) grandchildren.

Mike Irwin Mike Irwin - Sales

I was raised in Southern California and stayed in the northwest after getting out of the Navy. I'm proud to be a Vietnam Vet and am an avid supporter of the 2nd amendment. I grew up around guns and have been shooting since I was very young. I am a stage 4 cancer survivor and have been married for 25 years. I have four children and 13 grandchildren. I was in the welding field for 30 years. I worked as a subcontractor for the Navy and also built custom power wheelchairs. I am a longtime member and board member for Family Promise Of North Idaho which is a family shelter for families in crisis in CDA. I believe in giving back to my community. Center Target Sports is a dream job for me and I plan to stay here till my wife retires.

Larry Stephenson Larry Stephenson - Sales

Larry has learned that adage from the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.” Originally from Wallace in the Silver Valley, he spent 18 years in the Navy and lived in a number of states as well as overseas. He came back to Northern Idaho in 2004 as he realized this is truly a special place and the ‘great big world’ is not all it is cracked up to be. While he hunted during his youth, it was not until the last few years that he uncovered his passion for handguns. Coming to CTS is a natural step for him as he is a lifelong learner and has a desire to work with others who want to learn and share knowledge. His wife Cathy has walked arm in arm with him for the past 11 years, and they look forward to a long journey together. If you don’t see him at CTS you may want to look on the golf course, as that is his other passion.

John Alcazar John Alcazar - Sales

John has lived in this area for about 6 years. He retired after over 20 years of military service. He has been involved with shooting firearms most of his life. He was introduced to recreational and competitive shooting as a youth by his grandfather. From the beginning, firearm safety and training have always been top priorities. With education, such as the Hunter Safety Certificate, mentors, NRA Competitive Shooting Programs and tournaments, military training and combat experience, he improved his shooting skills. In his professional military career he was a Range Safety Officer and Instructor, CQB, MOUT, Small Unit Tactics Instructor. He looks forward to enjoying quiet time with his wife of 30 years, and family in the beautiful North West.

Dave Johnson Dave Johnson - Sales

Dave is a retired law-enforcement officer from California. His career spanned 26 years with two Sheriff's Departments in Southern California. During his career he worked in a variety of assignments including Narcotics, SWAT, Traffic Reconstruction, Detectives, Gangs and Major Fraud. After retiring he began work for Boeing where he was part of the company's Office of Internal Governance covering the Southwestern United States. He then retired from Boeing and began work at the Walt Disney Company's Corporate Headquarters in Burbank, California where he was part of a team that provided threat assessments and mitigation strategies to executives and employed talent. Dave retired from Disney in June 2016 and moved to Idaho. He enjoys fishing, hunting, shooting and has been a collector of firearms for 30 years. Dave is also a commercial pilot and Ham Radio Operator.

Nikki Boeldt Nikki Boeldt - Sales

Nikki moved to Idaho in 2003. She is a student majoring in Graphic and Web Design looking forward to graduation. She is an avid hunter who loves spending time with her son. Nikki loves cooking and all things outdoors. She has lead the poker run for The Big Back in Spirit Lake for the last three years.

Doug Harris Doug Harris - Sales

Doug is a native Idahoan growing up in Post Falls. After graduating from Post Falls High he was drafted and spent two and a half years in the US Army. In October of 1972 he started his law enforcement career. While working for the Bonner County Sheriff's Office, he, along with another deputy started the K9 program. At one time the Bonner County S.O. had seven K9s. He retired from Bonner County in 2011 as a Lieutenant.

Doug is a Studebaker enthusiast owning a 56 Skyhawk and a 57 Silverhawk. He also plays bass guitar in a classic rock band and he enjoys playing Blue grass and country music when he gets the chance.

Doug and his wife Kathy have three boys who are the pride of their lives. They have eight grand kids and they are also their pride and joy.

Dirk King Dirk King - Sales

Employment Opportunities

If you would like to be considered for future positions and would like us to keep your resume on file, please send a complete resume with references to:

Center Target Sports, Inc.
Attn: Peggy Santos
3295 E. Mullan Ave.
Post Falls, Idaho 83854

Future positions may include part-time sales personnel, and range personnel. All personnel must have a concealed carry permit, and be willing to submit to blood tests for lead levels, as well as drug testing.

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