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How to apply for an Oregon permit

Posted: Friday, June 5, 2015

To apply for an Oregon permit you can take your Idaho CCW certificate you received from us to Oregon to apply for a permit. You have to go to Oregon in cannot be done by mail. We suggest you go to the Umatilla County Sheriff, Terry Rowan in Pendleton, OR. He will issue a permit with "proof" of training by an NRA instructor. His phone number is 541-966-3680, the cost is $50 to the S.O and $15 to the State. They do the pictures and prints there and you get your permit in about 2 weeks. You must call in advance to let them know you are coming. Also, the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office has an application that should be filled out before coming to the office. It is found at The application comes up and can be printed. Remember this application is only for Umatilla County. Our solution is to provide the training to our students in one class for one price. We have also decided not to change the price for this additional training. That's correct, you will pay the same course fee and your certificate will also be good for Oregon. Montana RESIDENTS ONLY, this process will also work for you to get a Montana permit. Unfortunately Montana will not issue a non-resident permit. But for Montana residents who need to prove training, you can use our certificate. If you have completed the Idaho class, the certificate you already posesss satisfies the Oregon requirement. Hope this helps those of you who desire an Oregon permit...At least it will save you paying an additional unnecessary training fee. Be Safe...

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