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July 2018

The Northwest's First Five Star Range and

         The Inland NW's ONLY Five Star Range      
The Northwest's only "NO REGRETS" POLICY
2010 Best Shooting Range in USA
Awarded by SHOT Business Magazine
2010 Best Indoor Range in USA
Awarded by Glock (GSSF) Inc.
Post Falls 2013 Business of the Year

A Few Thoughts from Ed: ed pic

I know they say time flies...But this is ridiculous! July already and just one month till our 7th Annual Customer Appreciation day!  Our entire staff is excited to share that day with you and boy is it promising to be an awesome day.  However, they tell me that my day will include some dunking in the dunk tank.  Oh well, it seems that anyone who brings in 25 lbs of food will get an opportunity to dunk me in the dunk tank.  (And if we reach 100 pints of blood...Deb goes in!)
Deb and Peggy have been racking their brains for weeks to come up with ideas to make this year not only a record breaking year but also more excitement for all ages.  Not sure how dunking me in a tank of water is more exciting for anyone but hey I'm up for it...besides I have seen some of you shoot so I'm not too worried about that target getting hit.   
Also, at this year's event we will be conducting FREE Seminars throughout the day.  Here are a few of the seminar subjects you may want to attend; Considerations of the Shotgun for Home Defense; Choosing the Right Holster, How many ways can you carry concealed? (with special section on carry method help specific to woman shooters)Finding a Handgun to Suit Your Needs, and Shooting Fundamentals.  Watch for a schedule of events in our upcoming email blast about the event.
There is so much more to be excited for this year as we are introducing many new programs and offers throughout the facility.  We are particularly excited about the numerous ways we are implementing for members and our guests to save money and gain more value from their memberships.   You should notice some new signage and an increase in Facebook activity in the coming weeks.  A quick note on Facebook.  We want to increase our Facebook presence but we can't do that without your help.  Please whenever you have an opportunity share our postings with your friends.  
We will use Facebook exclusively to announce our One Day Flash Sale items every week.    We have also decided another way to reward our loyal Facebook guests is to use Facebook exclusively to announce the arrival of the hard to get very high demand firearms.  Theses firearms will of course be offered first come first served for as long as supply lasts.
We will also be introducing a Selfie Wall next week for you to take a pic with your target, friends, or new purchase.  Anyone who posts a selfie on Facebook will be put in a drawing for a gift bag given out at the Customer Appreciation Day.
Many of you may remember Gio who use to be part of our team and has remained a friend to us here at CTS.  In fact Gio continues to return to help out with Customer Appreciation day every year.  Gio has started a Knife sharpening business called Valiant Sharpening Service 208-817-0368.  He sharpened my tactical knife and did an outstanding job.  He has invested in a top of the line European sharpening system.  

 We are excited to offer anyone an opportunity who need knife sharpening to drop your knives off at CTS and Gio will pick them up once a week on Friday.  His business is completely separate from CTS and we are trying to help him by providing a drop off and pick up location for his customers.  You will pay Gio directly and all the info is available at our knife counter.  Just stop in with your sharpening needs and ask our staff for assistance.

CONFUSION - There appears to be some confusion about our New 3 Guns Class SO WE ARE CHANGING THE NAME. The new class is now called Triple Threat Firearms.  It seems that patrons have been asking if this class is to prepare shooters for 3 gun competition.  It is NOT a 3 Gun Competition class. 

 It is a class designed to take advantage of the outdoor environment to fully use the Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun to their max capabilities.  Shooting different types of targets, breaching doors and adding longer handgun distances all in concert with each different weapon system.  It will definitely be a fun day of applying the various techniques unique to these 3 guns.
We still have a few slots left in the AR Armorer course and the Knife class with Vince Luke. The knife class is only offered once a year and you don't want to miss the opportunity to train with Vince Luke in Michael Janich's Martial Blade Program.  Sign up today.  
The AR armorer course is the only one we will offer this summer so don't wait till the Fall/Winter to learn how to build, modify and repair your AR.
Our annual "workday cleanup and refurbish the facility" day was a tremendous success.  We completed so many projects because of your support.  We had 18 CTS patrons dedicate their time, talents and energy to helping us make needed improvements.  We did everything from 
changing lightbulbs to welding steel and landscaping.  The day was a success beyond our expectations.  Here a but a few pics.  Please look for the photomontage of everyone involved in our entryway arriving soon.

Also don't forget Idaho Friends of the NRA banquet and over 100 hundred gun giveaway drawing.  We have tickets available.  Next time you are in ask a team member for more info.

Enjoy your summer! 
Be Safe...ed
Notes from Peggy:
Save the date!  August 11th...9am-2pm....Customer Appreciation Day!  Giving away 5 guns!!!  We're also doing drawings every half hour this year!  Kids area this year...lots of freebies!  Free shooting all day.  
With all of the bad press responsible gun owners get these days, it is nice to have a solid showing at an event benefiting worthy causes in our own community unrelated to the industry. Please help us show that OUR gun community is a caring, compassionate, responsible group of citizens!

Start looking for one day only flash sales on Wed on our Facebook page.

A reminder of our retake policy: 
At Center Target Sports if you've paid for and taken a class, you can retake it again forever for free.
To sign up as a retake you MUST call to get on the list. You will be notified the day before the class if there is a seat for you.
If you are a confirmed retake 24 hours before the class and you no show for the class, you will no longer be able to retake that class for free.
Thank you to all of you that continue to support our women's shelter in Post Falls by bringing in toiletries (and blankets) and used phones.  We and they really appreciate it!

Be Safe....  
Ed & Peggy Santos
Consignment Corner

Welcome to the consignment corner.  Remember many of the consignment guns have additional accessories.
We are unable to display or list many of the accessories that are often included with our consignment guns.   Items such as extra magazine (sometime 7 or 8 extra mags) holsters, tools, storage containers, ammunition, etc.
All of these extras add up to the overall value of the sale.  Imagine buying a $500.00 handgun that also has with it six $60.00 mags, that's quite a savings all for $500.00.
Featured Consignment Revolver  
The S&W 460 
We have developed such a great reputation with respect to our consignment firearms that many of you come in and ask about our stock every week.

  If you're interested, don't wait!   
  Too Many To List...
Over 55 Consignment Guns in Stock 

firing line

Draw From Holster and Rapid Fire Opportunity

surelockThe next sessions are July 23, Aug 6 & 20 from 9am to 11am. We are going to commit two Monday mornings a month and bring in a dedicated staff member (RSO) to start.  If the demand grows we will extend the opportunities.

So this is how it is going to work.  The time allotted will be between 0900 and 1100.  Because we are bringing in a staff person during non operational hours the doors will open at 0850 and will be locked at 0900.  No one will be admitted after 0900.The shooting will be FREE to members and non-members will be charged $5.00 cash only as the registers will not be open. 

If you've taken Def HG 2 or higher here at Center Target Sports and are interested in 
an open shooting session to practice those skills this is the perfect opportunity to participate in this fun activity.  Shooters are reminded that CTS will not be providing any instruction during this activity and this is why all participants must be vetted by their completion of Def HG II.    

If you've taken Def HG 1 and have passed the proficiency test, there's a Def HG 2 class on the calendar in August....this is the class that qualifies you for this opportunity.

Save the Date!            Save the Date!

Our 7th Annual Customer Appreciation Day
For Our Community...
August 11th,  9-2

This year's community event promises to be bigger and better than ever.  This FREE
event is all about our customers and the community.  We are giving away 5 firearms.!!!  We will collect food for the Post Falls Food Bank, Toys for Tots, and Blood
for the Inland Northwest Blood Bank.

This year we will be giving away prizes every half hour from the tickets in the boxes.

We are also working on printing your tickets with your name and phone number if you bring more than 25 pounds of food.  No more writing your names over and over and over!  (We're looking for suggestions!)

We're also adding  a special drawing for those that bring over 100 pounds of food.  
Donate 100lbs or more of food and in addition to your 100+ gun drawing tickets, be entered into the Golden Ticket Drawing for a safe and lifetime membership... 200lbs = 2  Golden Entries!

In preparation we have already exceeded las t year's number of vendors, special
activities and entertainers that will be participating to make all of Post Falls and the Shooting Community proud.
The pictures included in this article are from last year's event.  This year we're again hosting a live broadcast from K102 with morning DJ Derik Walker on site. 
In our record year you may remember that in 5 hours time we collected (thanks to our shooting community) 14,500 lbs of food for the Post Falls food bank, 4 totes of toys for Toys for Tots and 96 units of blood for the blood bank.

Now is the time to set a NEW RECORD!!!


It is our goal to surpass all those totals. We promise to do our part.  We will giveaway at least 5 firearms and hundreds of other prizes.  Watch for more specific information in our special email blast coming next month.
Again this year instead of one ticket per food item we're giving one ticket for each pound of food you bring or for each toy.  Each ticket is a chance to win a gun or one of hundreds of other prizes.  No need to be present to win the guns.  

3 Bloodmobiles again this year.....

Time to Sign Up For Blood Donation
Aug 11th, 8:30am-2pm
The Importance of donors calling ahead and making an appointment for Blood Donations can not be overstated!  We are striving for full staffing on each Collection Van.  To guarantee full staffing we need to have those appointment sheets full. 

Please call the range and sign up ASAP.  We want to break the record and prove to everyone how giving the local shooting community can be!  Thank you in advance for your support.  208-773-2331.  

***An additional incentive this year...if we reach 100 pints of blood...Deb's sitting in the dunk tank!!!!

FREE SWAP Meet Booths

We are taking signups for the FREE swap meet booths and they will go fast.  Don't wait till the last minute to make your reservations.  

Remember anything can be sold in you booth except firearms and onsite edible food.  This year plans to be bigger and better than ever before. 

Call 208-773-2331 to reserve you space today! 

See you there.

Member FUN Shoot

July 11
Aug 29

9AM - 1PM
 Every 3rd Saturday

New Series
July 21
Aug 18
Sept 15
The Woman Of Caliber
Shooting Club

2nd Tuesday of every month

July 10
Aug 14

Bullseye League meets every Thursday at 5 and 5:45 pm.  Everyone's welcome no matter what your skill level.  Newcomers always welcome.  $7
IDPA meets the 1st and 2nd Sunday of every month from 7:30-11am.  Everyone's welcome.  Come watch and learn or participate.  Newcomers always welcome. $10
GSSF Glock Matches: Shoot in 2 of 3 matches in a series and be eligible to win a Glock pistol. Yes, Center Target Sports gives away a Glock every 3 months! Call the range for more details.


Our "Women of Caliber" group meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month 4:45-7pm.  
Please bring eye and ear protection as well as photo ID.  Dummy rounds for your specific caliber is also recommended along with 2-3 magazines if using your own firearm.   If needed, CTS will loan you a handgun free of charge with purchase of their ammo. 
Everyone is welcome to attend the educational portion of the meeting from 5-6, however due to the growing number of ladies attending, we do not have enough mentors to work with new shooters. A basic pistol course is required to attend the shooting portion.  Exceptions need to be discussed with Darla.
 f you want more information about the meetings or would like to be placed on our our mailing list please contact Darla at  [email protected]
July Topic:  Fundamentals of hitting your target
Aug Topic:  Having a tourniquet and knowing how to use it

Comprehensive Handgun (4 days)
July 16-19

4 days of shooting. I have learned a lot about this class since I wrote it many years ago and this new format will allow me to adjust accordingly.  You will be a better shooter after this class.

We will still see improvements like in the pic to the right.  The target on the left is Student A on day one and the target on the right is the same student Day 4.

Register early as this class will fill. 
Triple Threat Firearms course - July 28
 A new class offered this summer for the first time at Fernan Outdoor Rod and Gun Club. 
If you have ever wanted to master the 3 most popular self defense weapons now is your opportunity to experience the best of what each weapon has to offer.   This class promises to be a fun filled day of learning how to get the most benefit of each weapon.     Special emphasis will be given to speed, accuracy and manipulation efficiency.
 Required Equipment
  •  Hand Gun
  •  300 Rds Handgun Ammo
  •  Shotgun W/Sling
  •  15 Shotgun Slugs
  •  Carbine W/Sling
  •  25 Rds 00 Buck
  •  3 EA Mags Rifle & Handgun
  •  25 Rds Bird Shot
  •  250 Rds Rifle ammo
  •  Knee & Elbow Pads Optional
  Triple Threat course

Precision Scoped Rifle  scoped rifle class
Aug 3 & 4  Two Days 
 Classroom August 3 at 5:30 pm CTS
Live Fire August 4 at Fernan Outdoor Range
Our Precision Scoped Rifle course will be offered once again this summer.
This class will be taught the evening of August 19th in the classroom at CTS and all day August 20th at the phenomenal outdoor facility at Fernan Rod and Gun Club. 
Friday night (5:30-9:30pm) at CTS we will lay the ground work and zero our rifles for the live fire day to follow on Saturday (8am-5pm).  
This course is designed for students who want to experience the basics of deploying a scoped precision rifle. This course will benefit sport shooters, hunters, and the defensive minded shooter wishing to develop a long range engagement capability. Many people purchase a precision rifle "sniper rifle" but really do not know how to use it to it's full potential. This class is designed to cover all the basic fundamentals required to make long range precision shots. 
This class will cover optics mounting, zeroing, basic range estimation, shooting positions, environmental factors, ballistics, ammunition selection, fundamentals of precision marksmanship and rifle care.
Equipment needed:
  • Rifle capable of 1 MOA or better, optic of 4X power or larger, caliber .223/.308 or larger.
  • Precision Optic with Scaled Turrets, 4 power or larger
  • 100 rounds of match grade ammo
  • Spotting scope or high powered binoculars (optional)
  • Cleaning kit with one piece rod
  • Proper range attire
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional but highly suggested)
  • Bipod or shooting bag
  • Rear bag

 AR Armorer course - 2 days
July 13 & 14

If you haar classve ever wanted to learn about the AR weapons system this is the class for you! In two days of comprehensive in depth assembly and disassembly every part will be removed and explained.
This class will teach you what you need to know about building and or modifying the AR.
On day one you will build the rifle from parts provided to you in a ziplock bag. That's right... every rifle component will be placed in ziplock bags and you will assemble and function test the rifle. 
Over the two day class we will cover assembly/disassembly, function, fit, operation, and troubleshooting just to mention a few topics. Sign up today as this class is limited in size and will sell out.
AR Armorer Course - July 13 & 14 (2 days)

STILL ROOM - Offered Only Once a Year!

Martial Blade Concepts
With Vince Luke
Aug 18 & 19,  9am-4pm
Vince is coming back to teach this very popular class August 18 & 19...Register early to be sure to get a place in the class. 

This class will be taught by Vince Luke from MBC. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the best knife training available anywhere!
Vince Luke has been training with Michael Janich since 2002 and has been teaching since 2007.  He has appeared as Michael's on-screen assistant in his DVD's, in season 7 of "The Best Defense" TV show and his online MBC Distance Learning Program.  Vince is also a certified instructor of FAST Defense, specializing in scenario-based adrenal stress training in conflict de-escalation and combat.

"In this intensive two-day seminar, [Vince Luke] will present comprehensive instruction in the critical skills of his Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) system of defensive knife use. Instruction will focus on the logic and core concepts of MBC, the anatomy of knife stopping power, and the core "go-to" tactics of the system. In addition, this course will provide step-by-step instruction in the following skills sets:
  • Recognizing common street attacks and programming effective defensive responses
  • Defensive knife selection
  • Knife carry options
  • High-speed knife deployment
  • Efficient cutting dynamics and quantifying the destructive capacity of the knife
  • Vulnerabilities of human anatomy
  • The myths and realities of knife stopping power
  • MBC's "go-to" tactics and critical skills
  • Reflex training drills to accelerate skill development
This course will also include selected skills from founder Michael Janich's Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) system of empty-hand defenses against edged-weapon attacks, how to use these skills to survive long enough to "earn"your weapon draw, and how to use CBC skills as a foundation of close-quarters knife tactics."

Check the website for equipment needs.

Time:  9am-4pm both days
Price:  $300

This class does not fall under the CTS re-take policy and no refunds.

Let CTS Pay
Your Sales Tax!

We will pay your Sales TAX on any purchase 
for any amount during our Sales Tax Sale on 
July 13, 14 & 15.


Purchase anything in the store and we pay the sales tax.

Friends of NRA

We Have Tickets....

(Banquet Sept 8)

We now have 4 Full Auto Machine guns to shoot.

Are you having company this summer and looking for something special to do??...Why Not Shoot A Machine Gun?

We have even extended our Savings Coupon From Last Month...See below.

Gunsmith Dept update:

Hours for our Gunsmith Dept are Tues-Sat 1pm-6pm.

Now is the time to bring in your hunting rifles and get them checked out and ready for this fall.

Product Highlights

Pitbull Tactical's NEW Universal Mag Carrier 
  • Fits any pistol magazine from a single stack 9mm to a .45 double stack while maintaining a low profile
  • Comfortably conceals inside and outside the waistband
  • Rounds can face forwards or backwards
  • Fits any 1.5 inch belt

M&P EZ 380

Trouble racking the slide? -Not anymore...

Built for personal protection and every-day carry, the M&P380 Shield EZ is chambered in 380 Auto and is designed to be easy to use, featuring an easy-to-rack slide , easy-to-load magazine, and easy-to-clean design. Built for personal and home protection, the innovative M&P380 Shield EZ pistol is the latest addition to the M&P M2.0 family and provides an easy-to-use protection option for both first-time shooters and experienced handgunners alike.

Other Features
* Easy to rack slide.
* Crisp, light trigger with tactile and audible trigger reset.
* Includes (2) Easy to Load 8-Round M&P380 Shield magazines.
* Grip safety - grip pistol to fire.
* Windage adjustable, white dot rear sight (tool included).
* Can disassemble without pulling trigger.
* Grip texture optimized to size and recoil.
* Tactile loaded chamber indicator (TLCI) - can see and feel if there is
a round in the chamber.
* Available with or without ambidextrous, manual thumb safety.
* Picatinny-style equipment rail for lights or lasers.
* Perfect size for nightstand or carry, or a day at the range.
* Reversible magazine release.
* Thin and lightweight - can be comfortably carried all day.
* Optimal 18-degree grip angle for natural point of aim.
* Armornite® durable corrosion resistant finish.

Riton Optics USA   

Our New Line Of Optics....

We are excited to offer an additional line of Quality Optics for your to choose from.  See below for a short summary of Who Riton Is.

At Riton USA, we promise to be here for you. Period. A simple statement to make, but one we are dedicated to upholding.

As a USA home-grown optics company founded by Law Enforcement and Military veterans we take our commitment seriously. Our absolute passion for the outdoors and those who enjoy it translates into everything we do. From our unlimited lifetime warranty, on every product we make, to our high quality control and our dedicated, supportive service staff, at Riton we put our customers first.

GPS Rolling Backpack Hand Gun Bag    

You have to see this bag to believe it.  

 This is the latest offering by GPS and is a tremendously versetal bag that can be rolled or carried as a backpack. 
  • Telescoping handle and ball bearing wheels
  • Removable foam cradle is designed to protect and hold 4 handguns
  • Visual I.D. storage system to identify and organize your gear
  • Twin side pockets store 6 extra magazines each
  • Pull-out rain cover protects your gear 
First Aid Headquarters
We have the most comprehensive first aid / tactical care equipment in stock within 100 miles.  Regardless if you are a wood cutter or participate in shooting activities, trauma equipment is an important safety consideration. 
 The bag pictured here closed and an example open is a new bag we are stocking to allow you to configure a larger selection of Trauma gear than the individual first aid pouches many of you have.
These new bags have some great features allowing you the greatest configuration options.  See below:  
  • Three fold-out compartments with zippered closure
  • One open pocket
  • Adjustable & removable shoulder strap
  • Web carrying handle
  • Modular attachment strap
Stop in soon to look at our selection of first aid kits, tourniquets, bandages etc... 

Upcoming Class Schedule


ID Enhanced CCW - July 11, 21, 29, Aug 5, 25, 29

Handgun Familiarity - July 22, Aug 14

Youth Firearms  Safety - July 22, Aug 14

Basic Pistol - July 25, 27, Aug 4, 7, 15, 28

Basic Pistol 2 - July 12, Aug 9, 25
Comprehensive Handgun (4 days) - July 16-19

Defensive Handgun 1- July 29, Aug 26

Defensive Handgun 1 (re-takes only) - July 22, Aug 19

Defensive Handgun 2 - Aug 19

Intro to Carbine - Aug 26

Basic Carbine - July 15

Home Defense Shotgun - Aug 31

Triple Threat Firearms Course- July 28 (Fernan)

AR Armorer course - July 13 & 14 (2 days)

Precision Scoped Rifle - Aug 3 & 4 (2 days)

Martial Blade Concepts - Aug 18 & 19 (2 days)

Kubotan - July 10, Aug 21 (9am)

Refuse to be a Victim - Aug 22

Cane Defense - Aug 22

Wilderness 1st Aid - Aug 7


We offer HR 218 by appointment only.  Contact Dennis or Ken.


For the entire calendar go toCenter Target Sports classes



Owner Orientation Classes:  


Owner Orientation classes are the free one hour class you receive when you purchase a gun at Center Target Sports.  Just bring your receipt and show up.  If you want to take the class and didn't buy your gun from us, the class is $40 and everyone's welcome.  All Owner Orientation classes at 3:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Ruger - Aug 2

Springfield - July 31, Aug 23

Shotgun - July 20, Aug 15

1911 - July 10, Aug 7

AR - July 25, Aug 21

Revolver - July 17, Aug 9

S&W semi-auto - July 12, Aug 8

Sig - July 18, Aug 10

Glock - July 24, Aug 16

"All Others"- Taurus, Bersa, Beretta, Kel-tec, Walther, Kahr, CZ, Lionheart - 

July 26, Aug 1, 22


This Month's Shooting/Safety Tip

So You Want To Buy A Gun 

Last month I was in a commercial range in the Midwest and overheard a conversation between a prospective new handgun buyer and one of the store sales staff.  I guess perhaps I am hypersensitive to that type of new buyer/sales staff interaction but nonetheless, I was glued to the conversation.  It was obvious to me that I was witnessing a conversation based on two completely different motivations....neither side ultimately wanted anything to do with the other's perspective.  

I realize that standing behind the counter and interaction with potential buyers is a part of my business that I don't get to do very often anymore.  I am so blessed and thankful that we have a staff that is so very good at assisting customers through the process of firearm selection.  

My observations that day however, had a very profound impact on me as I went to my hotel and made notes knowing that I would need to talk about firearm selection in the next newsletter.  Ultimately what I witnessed that day was everything that I never want our facility to be.  The entire 15 minute, often one way conversation, resulted 
in an upset customer and a "know it all" sales person who lost a sale and a future relationship with a new shooter.

When a person decides to purchase a firearm for any reason, but especially when it is a firearm for home and personal protection, there are many issues to consider.  The decision can come at any age.  It might happen when you turn 21 or as you start getting older and look for alternate methods of defense as we begin to feel more vulnerable. We often find new parents will start thinking of personal safety a bit differently as they now become responsible for the safety of a child.   Of course nationwide interest in personal defense firearms often increases as crime in the neighborhoods or regions increases.

No matter when or why you decide to purchase a firearm it's important to do your research. A firearm comes with many considerations and responsibilities.  I'll offer a few suggestions below.

Which Gun for Me? newrange

Personal protection firearms come in all sizes and calibers.  You need to decide when and how you would use the firearm to help narrow down your choices.  Is this a stay at home gun or will you carry it as a CCW?

Guns for Home Defense

You have all heard me say many times the shotgun is one of the best options for a home defense gun. Choices include semi-automatic, pump style, or even single shot, all with both long and shorter-barreled options for the guns. You can mount lights or lasers (or both) on shotguns and they are reliable, effective, and fairly easy to use. They also come in several ammunition sizes. You can even get a shotgun like the Mossberg home defense shotgun in 410GA.

The shotgun is no different than any other firearm when it comes to security and safe storage.  You MUST properly store your home defense gun to keep it out of the hands of home invaders, potential thieves and children. There are many options available for securing your shotgun.  Please realize hiding it under the bed or on the top shelf in the closet are unacceptable.

A CCW Handgun

When carrying your firearm concealed, one of the most important considerations is how and where are you going to carry?  When it comes to handguns we have always professed the answer to the most asked question "I want a gun for defense, what caliber should I buy?" that you should carry the largest caliber gun you can shoot accurately and are willing to carry all the time.  

If you have taken our CCW class we have proven that answer both medically, scientifically and by performance on the street.  Depending on how you want to carry your gun, along with the way you dress and even your physical size, certain factors may help determine what kind of firearm to get. Generally, a firearm that you will carry as a self-defense weapon is going to be a pistol or revolver.

Pistol or Revolver? 

A revolver offers simple and reliable use with a trade-off for the number of rounds you can carry. A pistol provides more bullets in the gun but includes more working parts and a greater chance of having a malfunction or a jam that would require additional knowledge and skill.

Personal Firearm Responsibilities


The requirement for training is critical when firearms are involved.  Not only from a safety perspective but how about being able to deploy the firearm under stress?  Whether you use a large or a small firearm you must be effectively trained and educated in gun usage and safety. 

Owning a firearm, especially for the purposes of self-defense, requires some serious responsibility. For first-time gun buyers and seasoned veterans, you need responsible training so that you can safely and effectively operate the firearm under any circumstances. You are responsible for the safe storage, quick access and maintenance of the firearm.

You must also determine if you are emotionally responsible enough to use the firearm in a violent encounter with a criminal who is threatening your life or the life of someone you are protecting. While you may never really know the answer to that question until it happens, training and self-evaluation will arm you with the skills you need to stay safe.

We Fit Guns We Don't Sell Guns

We work very hard at avoiding the customer experience I opened this shooting tip with.  We try to instill in our staff that we are here to fit the appropriate firearm to the potential buyer based on the buyer's needs.  I tell the staff  " We Fit Guns" ...anyone can sell a gun.  Our customers come to us because of our unmatched knowledge base, our Lifetime Warranty, Our 30 Day No Regrets purchase policy, our FREE orientation class for their purchase and the FREE range day.

All that being said we realize no one is perfect. I can only promise if we falter we will always try to make it right.  

Remember....Be Safe...Ed

  Machine Gun Shooting Special
Range Day FEE Waived on Machine Gun Rental  
Must Present This Coupon 
Offer Expires 7/31/2018  


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