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I love coming to CTS because I know I am in a safe environment for shooting. I like how the place is always clean and everyone is just eager to help! - Brenda

The Northwest's Premier Facility

We're proud to be the premier shooting range of the northwest, a destination for shooters from Spokane and Kootenai counties, and the greater North Idaho and Eastern Washington region.  

Center Target Sports continues to set the standard for indoor shooting and training centers nationwide with our innovative approach in firearms and personal defense — from our Lifetime guarantee on all firearms and our 30 day no-regrets policy to our facility that is clean, professional, and welcoming. Whether you’re looking for a handgun, rifle, a firearms accessory, or that specialized item for home defense like a taser or pepper spray, Center Target Sports is happy to help you find it. Not sure of the exact difference between a pistol, handgun or revolver? We’re happy to help educate you. Are you an expert shooter seeking a hard-to-find gun part or the advanced firearm training necessary for your skill level? Stop in and talk to us — if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it … or maybe even learn it from you!

There are plenty of places where you can shop for rifles, shotguns and revolver.  We focus on tactical and personal defense firearms, so we pay attention to the needs of those who carry concealed weapons (pistols, pepper spray, canes, knives or tasers) or carry firearms at work. We try hard to be a place where men and women, beginners, casual shooters, experts and law enforcement personnel alike can come and be treated with respect.

Reality is not what we see on TV

We offer practical training for real situations.

Center Target Sports is your destination for training in proper procedure and technique at all levels – from beginner self and home defense to expert tactical shooting in extreme low light conditions. We are committed to providing you the best possible experience in a friendly environment where shooters of all ages and genders feel welcome.

We believe in Safety, Training and Service.

Our state-of-the-art indoor range allows us to shoot handguns, rifles, and shotguns in a safe, family-oriented facility. Our unmatched training programs are supported by two cutting-edge, automated classrooms and computerized target systems.

CTS is proud to be the foremost Inland Northwest outlet for Adult Men and Woman, Youth shooters, Armed Professionals, and Law Enforcement training and equipment purchases.  Leading North Idaho and the greater Spokane area in training and expertise.

We have a full time Gunsmith on staff to meet all your firearm repair needs.

We have guns for rent!  Try before you buy!  And if you buy, CTS gives you a lifetime warranty on all new and used handguns.

That's correct!  All firearms purchased from Center Target Sports, Inc. NEW or USED (Consignments Excluded) ARE COVERED BY A LIFETIME WARANTY! We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any firearm purchased from Center Target Sports for as long as it is owned by the purchaser. This warranty is not transferable.  Center Target Sports assumes no responsibility for product malfunction or for physical injury or property damage resulting in whole or in part from criminal or negligent use of the firearm, improper or careless handling, unauthorized modification, use of defective or improper handloaded, reloaded or remanufactured ammunition, or customer abuse, neglect or misuse.  We also have a 30 day no-regrets policy.  Come in and see what that's all about.

At Center Target we  have handguns, AR's and FULL AUTO machine guns for rent.  We rent our handguns by the caliber and if you purchase a handgun the same day you rent, the rental fee is waived.  

You may rent any of our 9mm machine guns and two magazines for  or the KRISS machine gun and two magazines . Both require the daily range fee if you are not already shooting in the range.

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