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Our Story
Center Target Sports, Inc. was conceived, designed and built with the primary focus of providing an unmatched facility for the safe, efficient and challenging training of civilians, law enforcement officers and agencies. What started as an idea in founder Ed Santos' mind as a solution to facilitate his passion for teaching now exists as a world-class facility in Post Falls, Idaho.

Since our opening in December 2004, we have trained countless civilians and hosted agencies from Federal, State, and local law enforcement, as well as a number of United States military units on their way to Iraq. All have confirmed our belief that we have the most versatile, state-of-the art training facility of its kind anywhere in the Northwest.

Today, we remain committed to provide a clean, safe, family-oriented environment for our patrons to enjoy shooting activities.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is centered around Safety, Training, Customer Service, and in providing a knowledgeable Staff to support our customers.

Our goals are to:
  • Provide a safe, knowledgeable, and friendly environment for both the experienced and novice shooter
  • Establish safety and customer service as our top priorities
  • Provide an atmosphere where women and youth shooters feel welcome
  • Provide a level of safety and firearms training superior to any of our competition
  • Become an active participant within our business community
  • Develop a sport shooting philosophy that encompasses all shooters young and old
  • Provide an indoor location for law enforcement personnel to shoot on-duty or off-duty
  • Provide the largest retail selection of firearms and related equipment in North Idaho
  • Establish a North Idaho outlet for law enforcement and security equipment purchase
  • Offer a reality based consulting service to prospective range owners
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