About Ed & Peggy
Ed and Peggy Santos

Ed Santos - Founder / Chief Instructor
Ed Santos is a long-time competitive shooter, shooting instructor and author who has been dreaming of Center Target Sports since his mid-thirties. While he was an active duty Army officer serving his country, Ed competed in shotgun and pistol competitions around the world. In addition, he was certified as a Master Level Military Instructor and taught military and civilian personnel in many locations around the world.

After retiring from the Army in 1994, Ed and Peggy moved to Coeur d'Alene where Ed continues to shoot for recreation and competition. For 9 years, Ed was a Certified Level 1 Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Kootenai County he is currently a Level 1 Reserve with Shoshone County Sheriff's Dept. He is a Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and a graduate of the Sure-Fire Institute and the First Light Training Academy holding a Certifications as a Low Light Firearms Instructor. Ed is also a graduate of the Steele Foundation's Executive/Dignitary Protection Agent's training program and of the Alameda County, (California) Sheriff's Executive/Dignitary Protection Driver Training School. He is certified by the CDT Non-Deadly Force Training Commission in the use of Non-Deadly Force Techniques. In addition, he is a Certified Instructor in the following areas: Low-Light Gunfighting, OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) Pepper Spray, Taser , Impact weapons, Kubaton/Mini-Baton, and the Homeland Security Civilian Emergency Response Team. Ed is also a certified Range Safety Officer and a member of the National Rifle Association's "National Range Technical Advisory Team."

In addition to the many courses Ed teaches in North Idaho, he is constantly on the road teaching Law Enforcement officers internationally.   Since 2008, Ed has presented his Low-light Survival and low-Light Instructor Certification programs at every major LE conference in the US. He also teaches at all the NRA Regional Range Conferences each year and consults with new range owners.

Ed also enjoys writing, Ed wrote the critically acclaimed, definitive book on low-light gunfighting. "Rule the Night Win the Fight: A Practical guide To Low-Light Gunfighting" was debuted at the National Tactical Officers Association in September of 2007.   His second book was released in April 2013 "Low-Light Combatives" at the International Law Enforcement Educators Association.  He routinely writes articles for a number of major police and firearms instructor publications. In addition, he's a contributing writer with a Personal Safety column for the Coeur D'Alene Press newspaper.

Peggy Brock Santos - Co-Owner
Peggy is the co-owner and Business Manager of Center Target Sports. Peggy brings over 40 years of recreation and business management experience to our facility. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University in recreation with a minor in mathematics and is a certified paralegal.

Peggy has been a YMCA Director, Recreational Safety Specialist and Instructor for the National Safety Council, National Sales Director for Life-Aid Corporation, Vacation Club Manager, Director of the U. S. Army Recreation Center in Germany, and has managed Law offices specializing in class action litigation and criminal law. In addition, Peggy has been the business manager for a construction company, a local dental office and a chiropractor office. She is a member of PEO and a Delta Gamma alum.  She and Ed have been married for 28 years and have resided in North Idaho since Ed's retirement in 1994. Peggy is an NRA-certified instructor for "Refuse to be a Victim." She is an avid reader and gardener and loves to travel. 

Having traveled to all 50 states and having lived in Europe twice, Peggy brings a wealth of experience to our facility. She is a people person with tremendous management skills. Through her efforts, look for our range to be a safe, clean, efficiently run, family friendly place to shop, learn and shoot.

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