Bullseye League

The Bullseye League runs every Thursday with lines at 4:45pm, 5:30pm and 6:15pm.  It is first come first served with 10 on each line.  We want everyone to be able to shoot and since the Bullseye group is rapidly growing we are growing with you. Come join the fun on Thursday nights.

Are you ready for a real challenge?

CTS offers a weekly Bullseye pistol tournament on Thursday evenings. Everyone is welcome. The course of fire follows the NRA National Match rules, with all the official range commands, with the exception that most evenings only .22 rimfire pistols are used, due to cost of ammunition. It works like this.


We shoot the National Match Course that has three separate stages, Slow fire, Timed fire and Rapid fire. For those not comfortable shooting one-handed, two-handed is perfectly acceptable. Targets are motorized, turning on a computer-controlled timer and the Range Officer issues commands according to a precise script and cadence.

In Slow Fire, the shooter has 5 minutes to fire all 10 shots. The slow-fire course gives shooters fits. It places more stress on shooter and gun than the other two courses and is often the deciding factor in a match. The mental fortitude required to concentrate on the sight and trigger squeeze while at the same time holding the gun steady is substantial. Most shooters worry more about their slow-fire scores than any other part of the match. After shooting finishes, all weapons are benched open and the targets are scored with 100 points being the maximum.


After scoring and replacing the target, Timed Fire consists of 10 rounds fired in 2 strings of 5 shots each in 20 seconds per string. At the end of each 20 second string, the target turns away automatically. After all 10 rounds are fired, the target is scored, repaired and sent back downrange for the next round.

Rapid Fire consists of 10 rounds fired in 2 strings of 5 shots each in 10 seconds per string. It's identical to timed fire except you only have half the time. There is nothing like standing on the line alongside several other shooters during a rapid-fire string. The noise, the smoke, the adrenaline- you just have to be there to appreciate it. Even with light target-load ammunition, and a lapse in concentration during rapid fire is readily apparent on the target (or rather all over the target).

Very few of our current group could shoot competitively at a NRA match so the real competition is with that person you see in the mirror every morning, which is more like the real world anyway. The shooters are congenial and the object is to have good, safe fun. Even better, the range is warm in the winter, air conditioned in the summer and conveniently located. C'mon out and join us! 


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