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Comprehensive Handgun CTS-900

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The senior rate is 65 years of age and older.


This is a 4 day course limited to 10 students. The training scenarios provide the opportunity for students to apply their new shooting skills in practical defensive situations.

This program is also structured to minimize classroom time and focuses on practical hands-on and individual range instruction. A brief on-range lecture and demonstration introduces each section. At the conclusion of the demonstrations, students then perform practical range exercises with as much individual instruction as possible.

The exercises in this course require more shooting, a greater skill level, and higher levels of concentration than any other course offered by CTS. This is our most comprehensive course beginning with multiple round exercises and concludes with multiple targets, often two or more. This formula is applied to all the various blocks of instruction in this program.

This course will teach you to control your immediate environment. You'll learn marksmanship, gun-handling, and combat mindset, the elements of the Combat Triad. Comprehensive Handgun will give you four solid days of range work, lectures and intense simulators (including low light). Through our systematic and dynamic methodology you will achieve competence and great new skills. You will emerge a stronger, more alert person, conditioned to respond instantly to any threat. You will be prepared to prevail in an armed encounter.

The course starts with skill assessment drills and then expands into more demanding exercises which would apply to a broader range of actual defensive situations. These blocks of instruction include close range defensive distances, various techniques of shooting from cover, shooting on the move in various directions to the targets, low-light flashlight techniques, and multiple moving targets at various speeds, directions, and distances.

All these blocks of instruction and advanced drills apply to Ed's objectives of effective shot placement, moving quickly, and using cover. They are, however, advanced techniques which require greater proficiency, experience and training in order to maximize the value of the course. Students apply their new skills and proficiency in realistic training scenarios. These advanced scenarios differ from the Introduction scenarios in their degree of difficulty and complexity. Each student is reviewed and given the opportunity to shoot the scenario a second time.

All instruction materials, range time, and targets are provided by Center Target Sports. The student is required to provide a handgun, eye and ear protection, flashlight or weapons mounted light,at leats 3 mags or speed loaders with carriers, billed baseball type hat, 1500 rounds of pistol ammunition and 5 dummy rounds.

Course Fees
Pre-registered $ 500.00
Senior Citizen $ 450.00
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