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Terminal Ballistics & Critical Shooting CTS-801

This is an 8 hour course that develops in the student an understanding of terminal ballistics and the elements and physiological factors necessary for successful high stress defensive shooting.

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The senior rate is 65 years of age and older.

Students will learn the truth about how projectiles cause trauma.  Complete analysis of how projectile velocity impacts human tissue trauma.  Three dimensional viewing and targeting along with all projectile incapacitation parameters will be covered.  This course is perfect for the Defensive Minded Civilian, Armed Professional or Law Enforcement officer who wants to increase their understanding of how ballistics of various weapons and calibers affect the human body. Lethal encounter case studies are discussed, and some graphic images may be presented during our lectures.

The live fire will include targets such as bullet proof vests, car doors , windshields, drywall, wood, books and many other materials used to demonstrate the projectiles performance.

This Course will also address the NEW Shaped Projectiles used for defense.


Course Fees
Pre-registered $ 200.00
Senior Citizen $ 180.00
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