Law Enforcement

Having a facility like CTS has really advanced the training and skills of our squad. The top-notch facilities are able to adjust for multiple scenarios and are ideal in promoting the development of our officers – Dan

Professionals & Law Enforcement
Many Law Enforcement officers take advantage of our top-notch facilities and first-class training programs that we offer to train here during their off duty time.

Our facility is equipped with the latest technology such that officers will train with the very weapons and ammunition they use everyday on the streets. Our backstop is rated for calibers up to and including 50BMG, although we limit rifle calibers to 223. This translates to immediate savings as your department will not have to purchase the very expensive "frangible" or exotic ammunition other indoor ranges would require.

Our 25-yard indoor range is the only one of its kind within hundreds of miles of CDA. At this distance your staff will use indoors the same qualification targets they use outdoors. Your officers will experience a level of consistency in their target acquisition unavailable to them in a range of shorter length. This will have a tremendous affect on their confidence.

Using our computerized target system, targets can be programmed and operated in any mode desired to meet the specific training objective. This not only saves your staff time and money, and it makes it impossible for your officers to stretch out the qualification times mandated by the state. With your qualification courses programmed into the system your officers have the targets exposed to them for the specified time every time.

For more information about the types of training we offer, please visit our course list.

Law enforcement agencies and private security companies seeking to conduct their own training programs at our facility are welcome and should contact us for rates and availability.

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