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June 2019

The Northwest's First Five Star Range and

         The Inland NW's ONLY Five Star Range      
The Northwest's only "NO REGRETS" POLICY
2010 Best Shooting Range in USA
Awarded by SHOT Business Magazine
2010 Best Indoor Range in USA
Awarded by Glock (GSSF) Inc.
Post Falls 2013 Business of the Year
A Few Thoughts from Ed:

Can you feel the excitement building?  We can!  August 10th is our 8th annual community appreciation day and our entire staff is busy making preparations.  This is the day we look forward to each year.  Oh yes, it is a lot of work and a very hectic day for all involved, but at the end of the day it is all worth it.  Read more about this year's event below.

I love summertime for so many reasons.  Summer is the time that I know we will be seeing patrons who snowbird in the winter, or kids who have grown up here back from school and of course, summer is the time I host some long time colleagues and mentors to teach here at CTS.  Since our summer is so packed I decided to bring John Farnam to CTS a bit later this year. John will be here November 22nd thru the 24th.
As many of you know, John has been a mentor to me for many years and I cherish his friendship and counsel.  Don't miss the opportunity to experience a class with John Farnam. Please read more about John's class below.

June is also "crunch time" for us here at CTS. It is when we start putting the finishing touches on our two big summer activities. The Annual Work Day was June 2nd and with the help of staff and many of you volunteers we accomplished a ton of projects that will enhance the CTS facility and your visits for a long time to come.  A special thank you to  the many volunteers who pitched in to help us during this annual work day.
The August 10th Customer Appreciation Day is our most important day here at CTS. It is very exciting because the day is all about you and this community. I have set some lofty goals for our team as we move forward with the event. 

This year we will for the first time, dedicate one of the FREE guns to only those people who give blood.  If the past years are any indication this should result in some very good odds for someone to win a firearm.  This year our community is again in need and we again will deliver I am sure. Please make some time for us on August 10th. Deb has been planning for this year's event since the day after last year. You will not want to miss all the surprises she has in store for us this year.
Make sure you reserve your FREE swap meet booth space as they are filling up fast and we will limit them to 50 spaces this year.


Notes from Peggy:

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!!!k  Dad's shoot free on Father's Day!
We will be closed on July 4th.

Reminder that we have special rates at the Holiday Inn Express-CDA if you are coming in for classes or have visitors this summer...ask for the Center Target rate!

A reminder that we short the website spaces in our classes.  If the website says full, please call the range to see if there's one spot available.

Our annual Customer Appreciation Day has been set...Aug 10th 9am-2pm.  Mark your calendar now so you don't miss it!  

Thank you to everyone who continues to donate to the Women's Shelter by bringing in toiletries and old cell phones.  Thank you from all of us.

Ed & Peggy Santos
Save the Dates!

Mark your calendars for our summer classes at Fernan Rod and Gun Club!

ed carbine Triple Threat Firearms Course - June 22

Advanced Carbine - July 27

Precision Scoped Rifle - Aug 2 & 3

See below for more details!
Think Gift Certificates all year round!

Father's Day
Wedding Gift
Just Because

Don't Miss This Low Price Opportunity For A Glock Pistol

Good Between
Memorial Day and Veterans Day

Consignment Corner

Welcome to the consignment corner.  Remember many of the consignment guns have additional accessories.
We are unable to display or list many of the accessories that are often included with our consignment guns.   Items such as extra magazine (sometime 7 or 8 extra mags) holsters, tools, storage containers, ammunition, etc.
All of these extras add up to the overall value of the sale.  Imagine buying a $500.00 handgun that also has with it six $60.00 mags, that's quite a savings all for $500.00.
We have a great selection of Consignment Long Guns at this time.  Too many to list individually.  Please see the picture below:
We have developed such a great reputation with respect to our consignment firearms that many of you come in and ask about our stock every week.
  If you're interested, don't wait!   
  Too Many To List...
Over 55 Consignment Guns in Stock 

Kid's Hot Shot Fun Shoots start again in June!
June 12 & 26
July 10 & 24
8-15 yrs old (with parent)
$25 per child (parent free)
Safety briefing at 5:30pm
Shooting and fun begin shortly after
.22's...rifles and handguns
We supply everything except eye and ear protection....bring your own
Pre-register by calling 208-773-2331

Grandkids Coming to Visit this summer?

Reminder if you have children under 21 coming to visit you and you wish to bring them to the range we will need permission from a parent or guardian for them to shoot with you.  A signed note with a copy of the parent's drivers license if they are from out of town will do so we can match the signatures.  You will then need to fill out the waiver for the child when you come in.
Member FUN Shoot

June 17
July 31
9AM - 1PM
 Every 3rd Saturday

June 15
New series
July 20
Aug 17
Sept 21
The Woman Of Caliber
Shooting Club

2nd Tuesday of every month

June 11
July 9

Bullseye League meets every Thursday at 4:45 and 6 pm.   If anyone is interested in shooting bullseye, we would be happy to have you join our league. It's costs $7 to shoot for the evening and you need 65 rounds of ammunition. The second and fourth Thursday of each month, we shoot the national match course at 50 feet. The third and fifth Thursday of each month, we shoot at 75 feet. The first Thursday of each month, we have a fun shoot. On even-numbered months, we shoot a Centerfire pistol at 50 feet using the 75 foot Target. Makes for some really interesting competition. On the first Thursday of odd numbered months, we shoot the Jack McElroy Bastard Aggregate. For this competition we shoot 30 rounds of rimfire and 30 rounds of centerfire at 75 ft.  We then add both scores together for a possible 600 point match.  So please come join us for some great competition and camaraderie. We love to have new shooters join our group and hope to see you there.
IDPA meets the 1st and 2nd Sunday of every month from 7:30-11am.  Everyone's welcome.  Come watch and learn or participate.  Newcomers always welcome. $10
GSSF Glock Matches: Shoot in 2 of 3 matches in a series and be eligible to win a Glock pistol. Yes, Center Target Sports gives away a Glock every 3 months! Call the range for more details.


Our "Women of Caliber" group meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month 4:45-7pm.  
Please bring eye and ear protection as well as photo ID.  Dummy rounds for your specific caliber is also recommended along with 2-3 magazines if using your own firearm.   If needed, CTS will loan you a handgun free of charge with purchase of their ammo. 
Everyone is welcome to attend the educational portion of the meeting from 5-6, however due to the growing number of ladies attending, we do not have enough mentors to work with new shooters. A basic pistol course is required to attend the shooting portion.  Exceptions need to be discussed with Darla.
If you want more information about the meetings or would like to be placed on our mailing list please contact Darla at  [email protected]
June Topic:   Using technology for Shooting fundamentals

 Bullseye League Winners!

These awards are for our first-ever  high score average winners . Bill Bialkowsky won the two hand average high score award, with a score of 256. Pierce Gural won the high average score for one-handed shooting with an average of 262. To be eligible to win the award they had to participate in nine or more rimfire matches between January and April. Anyone who shot nine or more matches have their top nine scores averaged to determine the winner. The winners receive a custom engraved trophy cup with their name and date. 
Gunsmith Corner

As many of you know Clint our gunsmith is recuperating ffrom a motorcycle accident.  Clint wanted us to thank all of you who have sent your best wishes and get well soon messages.

Clint will be back to work as soon as the doctors and his body tell him it is ok to return. We look forward to having him back making his magic in the gunsmith shop ASAP.

Unbeatable Price for Accuracy!

PS:  If you are looking for a very accurate 308 Rifle set up, stop in and ask to see the Savage 308 w/scope that Clint has shot and provided test targets to prove accuracy.

 We've had a lot of people ask us about the next AR Armorer Course.  We've postponed it until Clint is back.  If you're interested, please send me an email letting me know.   [email protected] 
Seldom offered Classes Now Registering!
Basic Carbine scheduled July 6
Basic carbine is the class that teaches the proper manipulation and function of the carbine for defense.  This is an 6 hour course limited to 10 students. This course is designed to introduce students to the rifle and develop safe essential rifle skills. You will learn the short and medium range applications which are encountered by Law Enforcement/Military personnel in an urban/rural environment.  

This course covers: ammunition selection, ballistics, loading, unloading and malfunctions, positions and aiming, marksmanship fundamentals, cover and concealment.

We've also scheduled a Basic Carbine re-takes only for June 30th.  

If you've taken Basic Carbine before and want a refresher with range time only before the Advanced class that only offered once a year...this is the time!  Call to get your name on the list.  3 hours of range time only.

Advanced Carbine - July 27 at Fernan Outdoor Range ed carbine
Don't miss the most comprehensive Carbine class offered in the Northwest.  This is a newly modified version of our very popular course.  We will offer this advanced program this summer on July 27 at Fernan Rod and Gun Club Outdoor range.   We are blessed to have such an awesome facility available to us here in North Idaho. 
This class is less than 1 hr of classroom and approximately 7 hrs of shooting on the range. We will pick up where we left off at the end of Basic Carbine and move into a comprehensive format covering carbine and also handgun transitions.  
Please make sure you check out the list of required equipment prior to registering for this class.
All students must have completed the CTS Basic Carbine class.

Triple Threat Firearms Course - June 22 at Fernan Outdoor Range
If you have ever wanted to master the 3 most popular self defense weapons now is your opportunity to experience the best of what each weapon has to offer.  
 This class promises to be a fun filled day of learning how to get the most benefit of each weapon.     Special emphasis will be given to speed, accuracy and manipulation efficiency.
 Required Equipment
  •  Hand Gun
  •  300 Rds Handgun Ammo
  •  Shotgun W/Sling
  •  15 Shotgun Slugs
  •  25 Rds 00 Buck
  •  25 Rds Bird Shot
  •  Carbine W/Sling
  •  250 Rds Rifle ammo
  •  3 EA Mags Rifle & Handgun
  •  Knee & Elbow Pads Optional

Concealed Carry Street Survival Skills - June 23
This course was developed to introduce our students to the appropriate response to a surprise attack.
This class teaches students to use the body's natural FLINCH response to their advantage. Natural flinch body posturing will be the initiation position for many of the techniques presented in this course. Even the best prepared or situationally aware person is subject to a surprise attack. This class will teach you to win that fight!
  • Safe Gun Handling
  • Body's Natural Flinch Reaction
  • Counter Ambush Techniques 
  • 360 degree Movement/Shooting RETENTION
  • Threat Interaction
  • Less than Lethal Force options
  • Use of Lethal Force Options
  • Post Incident Actions and Responsibilities
  • Live Fire Exercises
Required Equipment:
  • Handgun with 2 Mags or Speed Loaders
  • 250 Rounds of Ammo
  • STRONG side holster
  • Eye and Eye Protection
  • Billed Baseball Cap (Optional)
  • Cover Garment (Optional)
Concealed Carry Street Survival

4-day Comprehensive Handgun - July 22-25


4 days of shooting. I have learned a lot about this class since I wrote it many years ago and this new format will allow me to adjust accordingly.  You will be a better shooter after this class.

We will still see improvements like in the pic to the right.  The target on the left is Student A on day one and the target on the right is the same student Day 4.

Register early as this class will fill. 

Precision Scoped Rifle - Aug 2 & 3
scoped rifle class
Classroom August 2 at 5:30 pm CTS
Live Fire August 3 at Fernan Outdoor Range
Our Precision Scoped Rifle course will be offered once again this summer.
This class will be taught the evening of August 19th in the classroom at CTS and all day August 20th at the phenomenal outdoor facility at Fernan Rod and Gun Club. 
Friday night (5:30-9:30pm) at CTS we will lay the ground work and zero our rifles for the live fire day to follow on Saturday (8am-5pm).  
This course is designed for students who want to experience the basics of deploying a scoped precision rifle. This course will benefit sport shooters, hunters, and the defensive minded shooter wishing to develop a long range engagement capability. Many people purchase a precision rifle "sniper rifle" but really do not know how to use it to it's full potential. This class is designed to cover all the basic fundamentals required to make long range precision shots. 
This class will cover optics mounting, zeroing, basic range estimation, shooting positions, environmental factors, ballistics, ammunition selection, fundamentals of precision marksmanship and rifle care.
Equipment needed:
  • Rifle capable of 1 MOA or better, optic of 4X power or larger, caliber .223/.308 or larger.
  • Precision Optic with Scaled Turrets, 4 power or larger
  • 100 rounds of match grade ammo
  • Spotting scope or high powered binoculars (optional)
  • Cleaning kit with one piece rod
  • Proper range attire
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional but highly suggested)
  • Bi-pod or shooting bag
  • Rear bag

Product Highlights
Accu-Grip Picks and Brushes 
Gun Cleaning Picks and Brushes that will make your dentist jealous.
No longer do you have to rely on a hodge-podge of tools to clean the crud from the deepest crevices of your firearm. The unique Real Avid-style gun cleaning picks and brushes get the job done, feel good in your hand, and won't scratch your firearm.  
The moment you grab one you'll know these tools are better. The triangular handles naturally and comfortably fit in your fingers providing precise control for detailed cleaning even in the hardest to reach spots. Eight profiles dig gunk out of the places that even the sun don't shine. Included are four brushes with nylon, bronze phosphor, and a combination SMART BRUSH™, specially angled to reach surfaces in firearms that were nearly impossible to reach before. They're tough on the crud but tender on the metal. A better designed, better built detailing kit that just might make your dentist jealous.
Spike's and CMMG Tactical Lower Parts Kit 
 We stock two of the best manufactures of AR parts available.  You can't go wrong with after market improved parts from either Spike's or CMMG.
Come in and see how you can upgrade your favorite AR rifle.
Once Fired and Polished Brass               
We have a large selection of handgun and 223/556 once fired brass at great prices.    We beat all internet prices on once fired polished brass when you consider the shipping charges.
Come in and get started reloading before we run out.
  Knife Sharpening
Remember we are a drop off location for our former gunsmith Gio's knife sharpening business.  Just drop your knife off with us and he will expertly sharpen your knife.

john farnam
John Farnam Is Returning to CTS

November 22, 23rd and 24th
There have been a handful of instructors in the gun culture whom have made a dramatic impact on realistic defensive firearms training.  The greats like Rex Applegate, Col. Cooper,  Ray Chapman, Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, have long left their mark on realistic defensive use of the handgun.  These men have always been focused on the student and the realistic principles of ones defense.  

Many of the instructor who travel the country today offering the latest and greatest are actually teaching techniques and tactics developed by these men 50 years ago in some cases.  The reality is the basic firearm fundamentals and the foundational manipulations associated with the fundamental application of the handgun have not changed much over the years.  

I would highly recommend you take the time to experience the instruction of John Farnam.  He has been a mentor of mine for many years.  I am proud to call him my friend and encourage all students who are serious about quality realistic self defense techniques with a firearm to see for yourself when John is here.  This class will start on Friday evening and then continue all day Saturday and Sunday.

On a side note:  We do not profit from John's class.  You pay him directly all the money stays with him.  This is obviously a class that does not fall under our repeat for free policy.

You can register for John's class on his website:

Ever want to shoot a Machine Gun?
We have 4 of them!

Come make some noise!!!
MP 5
CAR 9mm Carbine
Kriss Vector 45

Retakes only classes
We teach our civilians to the same level we teach armed professionals.  These skills are very perishable.  Recognizing the importance of repetition I have always believed that it is only fair to allow students to retake a class for FREE.  In my opinion it is the only appropriate policy if the teacher is truly concerned with the students ability to retain the information and techniques.  Please take advantage of our retake policy...we implemented it when we opened our doors in 2004 especially for you.  It is just another way of putting our money where our mouth is with regards to realistic comprehensive training.

Defensive HG 1 retakes only - June 23, July 6

Basic Carbine retakes only - June 30

Must pre-register.  Please call to sign up. 208-773-2331
Upcoming Class Schedule


ID Enhanced CCW - June 16, July 14, 20, 31

Handgun Familiarity -  June 22, July 13

Youth Firearms  Safety - June 22, July 13

Basic Pistol - June 12, 15, 18, 29, July 13, 21, 30

Basic Pistol 2 - June 22, July 9

Defensive Handgun 1- June 30, July 28

Defensive Handgun 1 (re-takes only) - June 23, July 6 

Basic Carbine - July 6

Basic Carbine (re-takes only) - June 30

Advanced Carbine - July 27 (Fernan)

Home Defense Shtogun - June 25

Concealed Carry Street Survival Skills - June 23

Triple Threat Firearms Course - June 22 (Fernan)

Comprehensive Handgun (4 days) - July 22-25

Precision Scoped Rilfe(2 days) - Aug 2 (pm at CTS) & Aug 3 (Fernan)

Kubotan - July 17

Refuse to be a Victim - July 27



We offer HR 218 by appointment only.  Call the range for the next date.


For the entire calendar go toCenter Target Sports classes



Owner Orientation Classes:  


Owner Orientation classes are the free one hour class you receive when you purchase a gun at Center Target Sports.  Just bring your receipt and show up.  If you want to take the class and didn't buy your gun from us, the class is $40 and everyone's welcome.  All Owner Orientation classes at 3:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Ruger - July 10

Springfield - June 26, July 30

Shotgun - June 20, July 25

1911 - July 2

AR - July 23

Revolver - June 11, July 24

S&W semi-auto - June 13, July 26

Sig - June 14, July 19

Glock - June 19, July 11

"All Others"- Taurus, Bersa, Beretta, Kel-tec, Walther, Kahr, CZ, Lionheart - 

June 21, July 12, 31


This Month's Shooting/Safety Tip
st action pro I get calls about shot anticipation or flinching and how the Ball and Dummy drill should be used in training almost every week.  Lately the Ball and Dummy has been a very popular inquiry.  So I thought it would be a good time to discuss this topic again.

I am sure at some time or another you have heard me teaching basic level students or even students in the five day comprehensive course.  I emphasize "Trigger Control" to both groups of students for different reasons.  I always want to reinforce the feel or realization of smooth trigger manipulation to beginning students or as we begin to correct issues of a more experienced shooter.  Dry-Fire is another drill or technique that I often use to help students with the "Compress Surprise Break" of the trigger.
Obviously, trigger control is important to target shooting skills, but may be less critical under extreme stress conditions when you find yourself lacking fine motor skills and the other issues associated with Body Alarm Response.  During an all-out fight for your life, you're not going to be concerned with how much finger, first pad or not, is going to be on that trigger.  You're going to stick your finger in the trigger guard and pull that trigger as fast and as hard as you can to get some lead on this bad guy who's trying to take your life. It's as simple as thatI
Anticipating the recoil of the firearm is a major problem often confused with "Lack of Trigger Control".  Anticipating the recoil results in a pre-ignition push, or PIP. Just before the ignition of the powder in the bullet, you push the gun with your hand. The most common of these is to push the front of the gun downward. Your brain is saying, "OK, here it comes, get ready for that loud bang," and you push the gun downward at the same time you pull the trigger backward. 
Another PIP problem that is often misdiagnosed as a trigger control issue is what is commonly called "heeling the firearm." Instead of pushing the nose of the gun downward, you push it upward. Basically, you're pushing with the heel of your hand and the front of the handgun gets pushed up. Once again, your brain is subconsciously saying; "OK get ready for that big bang", and you heel the gun, anticipating recoil. 
The last PIP problem is to push the gun to one side or the other. Most shooters will push the gun to their off side. This is because that's where the least amount of energy is being exerted on the gun during the gripping process. Most right-handed shooters will push the gun to their left and most left-handed shooters will push the gun to their right. 
First, you have to recognize that the PIP problem is all in your head, nowhere else. You've subconsciously developed this "flinch" which results in the gun being pushed off target. You have to tell yourself, and be convinced, that you're not going to do it. If you have to, just before you pull the trigger tell yourself repeatedly that you're not going to anticipate the recoil of the firearm: "I'm not going to do it, I'm not going to do it." You have to believe that as long as you're holding the gun properly and pointing it in the right direction, you're not going to get hurt by the recoil, no matter how big of a bang the gun makes.  Convincing yourself mentally is one thing, but having it transferred to your hand is another. 
To reinforce what's going on in your brain, you should perform what's called the "BALL & DUMMY DRILL." Take three or four magazines and stagger live rounds with plastic dummy rounds. Mix them up, randomly place one live, one dummy, two live, one dummy, and so forth. Now mix the magazines up so you don't know which ones are loaded which way. 
Once you've done this, head out to the range and place a magazine in your gun. Place a 3X5 card or similar size target at approximately 21 feet.  Begin firing one round at a time. When you get to the dummy round, if you have a PIP problem, you'll see the gun dip, or heeled up, or pushed off to one side or the other. If this occurs, practice that mental rehearsal of telling yourself that you're not going to anticipate the recoil. Continue the ball and dummy drill until you've conquered your PIP problem.
Variation:  If you have a laser or optical sight, it's even more difficult to keep the dot perfectly on the target when the dummy comes up, and easier to diagnose the direction your PIP is taking you.
NOTE:  Over the years, I have tried every brand of dummy round I could find.  None stand up to the abuse that I put them through better than a brand called ST Action Pro.  Next time you are in the store check out the quality of the ST Action Pro.

 Shoot Straight and Be Safe...Ed  

pink muffs
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