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November 2019

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2010 Best Shooting Range in USA
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Post Falls 2013 Business of the Year
A Few Thoughts from Ed:
ed pic
Well last week I professed to Peggy and our staff that my traveling for 2019 had come to an end.  But as I write this article I am in the American Airlines Lounge in Chicago at 8:30am waiting for a rescheduled 1:40pm flight.   I guess I can't complain as this mornings's 6am flight was the first cancelled flight I've experienced all year.  So instead of being home at noon it will now be after 7:30pm.   Oh and by the way, I get to do this trip all over again in 2 weeks.  So much for the end of my travel year.
This experience however, has given me an opportunity to remind myself and others about maintaining our safety frame of mind as our plans change.  This morning I witnessed every level of frustration possible as my fellow passengers heard of the cancelled flight.  For the most part those of us who fly often were no less disappointed/frustrated but seemed to take it in stride and make adjustments/arrangements to get home.
But, many people went off the deep end and in watching this happen I was amazed at how many bags were left unattended as people jockeyed for a place in line or how many people were so angry and focused on the agent that all sense of their personal safety or awareness went out the door.
I'm sure we have all had something unexpected pop up and it causes us to do something out of order or forget what our initial task was.  We have to be better at maintaining our situational awareness.  When we are upset we are often most vulnerable.  This is the time to take a deep breath and maintain our composure as well as our situational awareness.    Oh, well...with any luck I'll make the last two periods of the Chiefs game tonight.
As many of you know, every gun purchase that leaves our facility must have a lock with it.  In an effort to keep the prices down on our used and consignment guns we often use locks donated from buyers who have other means of securing their firearms.  If this is you and you have extra gun locks we would appreciate your donation and we will pass them along to people in need. 
 WATCH Facebook for "New" and "Hard to Get" firearms.
We will be rewarding our Facebook followers with first notice of New and Hard to Get firearm arrivals.  Be the first on your block to have the latest and greatest! 
Notes from Peggy:

We are open Veteran's Day from 11am-7pm.  Veterans shoot free.

Watch for our Black Friday email blast coming Thanksgiving week!

Just a reminder to our amazing customers who gave 27,000 lbs of food to the food bank in August....the holidays are also a major time of need for the food bank.  If you have extra...please share with those in our community that can't afford it.  Thank you!!

A reminder that we short the website spaces in our classes.  If the website says full, please call the range to see if there's one spot available.

Thank you to everyone who continues to donate to the Women's Shelter by bringing in toiletries and old cell phones.  Thank you from all of us.

 Center Target Sports        
We're starting a new item block in our newsletter:

Do you as a customer of CTS have a question we can answer that might also interest others?  Send it to [email protected]  In the subject line type "newsletter question".  We'll answer a question or two in our next newsletter for all to see. (We won't use your name without permission.)

Last chance..ends Nov 11th
Don't Miss This Low Price Opportunity For A Glock Pistol

Good Between
Memorial Day and Veteran's Day

Still A Few Slots Left
John Farnam Is Returning to CTS
Out of Town and State signups are leading our local students...CTS Regulars, Don't miss this class!

November 23rd and 24th john farnam
There have been a handful of instructors in the gun culture whom have made a dramatic impact on realistic defensive firearms training.  The greats like Rex Applegate, Col. Cooper,  Ray Chapman, Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, have long left their mark on realistic defensive use of the handgun.  These men have always been focused on the student and the realistic principles of one's defense.  

Many of the instructors who travel the country today offering the latest and greatest are actually teaching techniques and tactics developed by these men 50 years ago in some cases.  The reality is the basic firearm fundamentals and the foundational manipulations associated with the fundamental application of the handgun have not changed much over the years.  

I would highly recommend you take the time to experience the instruction of John Farnam.  He has been a mentor of mine for many years.  I am proud to call him my friend and encourage all students who are serious about quality realistic self defense techniques with a firearm to see for yourself when John is here.  This class will start on Friday evening and then continue all day Saturday and Sunday.

On a side note:  We do not profit from John's class.  You pay him directly all the money stays with him.  This is obviously a class that does not fall under our repeat for free policy.

You can register for John's class on his website: 

Think Gift Certificates all year round!

Wedding Gifts
Just Because

Don't forget we have a special deal on Machine Gun Gift Certificates!

Consignment Corner

Welcome to the consignment corner.  Remember many of the consignment guns have additional accessories.
We are unable to display or list many of the accessories that are often included with our consignment guns.   Items such as extra magazine (sometime 7 or 8 extra mags) holsters, tools, storage containers, ammunition, etc.
All of these extras add up to the overall value of the sale.  Imagine buying a $500.00 handgun that also has with it six $60.00 mags, that's quite a savings all for $500.00.
Two Great Consignment Deals Below
Glock 19 and Kahr CM9 with Ceracote slide

We have a great selection of Consignment Long Guns at this time.  Too many to list individually.  Please see the picture below:
We have developed such a great reputation with respect to our consignment firearms that many of you come in and ask about our stock every week.
  If you're interested, don't wait!   
  Too Many To List...
Over 55 Consignment Guns in Stock 

Maximum Protection From Foam Earplugs

In order to get the most attenuation from foam ear plugs they must be properly inserted into your ear canals.  The foam ear plug when inserted properly offers better sound attenuation than the majority of ear muffs available today.  Of course you also have the option of wearing both the foam and ear muffs for maximum protection.  

Before I discuss the proper placement of the foam ear plugs I want to point out the fact that your comfort is the best indication of proper protection.  If you are in a noisy environment of any kind and the noise bothers you in any way, LEAVE the area and adjust your hearing protection.  Either check and correct the fit of the foam earplugs or change the type or amount of protection before you return to the noisy area.

Proper Technique:

Roll the earplug up into a small, thin "snake" with your fingers. You can use one or both hands.
  1. Pull the top of your ear up and back with your opposite hand to straighten out your ear canal. The rolled-up earplug should slide right in.
  2. Hold the earplug in with your finger until it expands to fill the ear canal.



 CCW Clinic


The Courts & the Use of Deadly Force

This FREE Clinic will present information pertaining to the recent trends found in the court system and how the changes have impacted our self-defense mindset.  What is often referred to as "The Mood of the Court" will be discussed and how these changes have been recognized in our own local judicial system.

In addition, we will review of the 5 primary factors justifying our actions and the behavior of someone who has just been involved in a critical incident.  What to say, What to do, How to act and what to expect from the police and courts after a deadly use of force situation.

December FREE Clinic:     Dec 9   6pm
Thinking about reloading...Don't miss this FREE Clinic.  We will cover everything you want to know and more.  Learn about methods, safety concerns, components and equipment options.

Please call to reserve your spot.  208-773-2331

Do you have a topic idea?  

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Specific Items Posted on Facebook every Wed morning!

We are Rewarding all you voters with a FREE hour of shooting for everyone who votes in the upcoming election.   This offer is limited to Election Day Shooters only.   Come in wearing your "I voted" sticker for a free hour of shooting on Nov 5th.
Member FUN Shoot

Nov 19
Dec 10
9AM - 1PM
 Every 3rd Saturday

Nov 16
Dec 21
The Women Of Caliber
Shooting Club

2nd Tuesday of every month

Nov 12
No meeting in Dec or Jan

Bullseye League meets every Thursday at 4:45 and 6 pm.   If anyone is interested in shooting Bullseye, we would be happy to have you join our league. It's costs $7 to shoot for the evening and you need 65 rounds of ammunition. The second and fourth Thursday of each month, we shoot the national match course at 50 feet. The third and fifth Thursday of each month, we shoot at 75 feet. The first Thursday of each month, we have a fun shoot. On even-numbered months, we shoot a Centerfire pistol at 50 feet using the 75 foot Target. Makes for some really interesting competition. On the first Thursday of odd numbered months, we shoot the Jack McElroy Bastard Aggregate. For this competition we shoot 30 rounds of rimfire and 30 rounds of centerfire at 75 ft.  We then add both scores together for a possible 600 point match.  So please come join us for some great competition and camaraderie. We love to have new shooters join our group and hope to see you there.
IDPA meets the 1st and 2nd Sunday of every month from 7:30-11am.  Everyone's welcome.  Come watch and learn or participate.  Newcomers always welcome. $10
GSSF Glock Matches: Shoot in 2 of 3 matches in a series and be eligible to win a Glock pistol. Yes, Center Target Sports gives away a Glock every 3 months! Call the range for more details.


Our "Women of Caliber" group meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month 4:45-7pm.  
Please bring eye and ear protection as well as photo ID.  Dummy rounds for your specific caliber is also recommended along with 2-3 magazines if using your own firearm.   If needed, CTS will loan you a handgun free of charge with purchase of their ammo. 
Everyone is welcome to attend the educational portion of the meeting from 5-6, however due to the growing number of ladies attending, we do not have enough mentors to work with new shooters. A basic pistol course is required to attend the shooting portion.  Exceptions need to be discussed with Darla.
If you want more information about the meetings or would like to be placed on our mailing list please contact Darla at  [email protected]
Nov: Red Dots On your carry gun; pros and cons

Draw From Holster and Rapid Fire Opportunity

The sessions are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 9am to 11am. We provide a dedicated staff member (RSO) to start.  If the demand grows we will extend the opportunities.

So this is how it works.  The time allotted will be between 0900 and 1100.  Because we bring in a staff person during non operational hours the doors open at 0850 and are locked at 0900.  No one is admitted after 0900.The shooting is FREE to members and non-members are charged $5.00 cash only as the registers will not be open.  

If you've taken Def HG 2 or higher here
firing line
 at Center Target Sports and are interested in 
an open shooting session to practice those skills this is the perfect opportunity to participate in this fun activity.  

Shooters are reminded that CTS will not be providing any instruction during this activity and this is why all participants must be vetted by their completion of Def HG II.   

Gunsmith Corner

Answers to some common questions:

Do you offer rebluing? 

Not in the traditional sense.  I do use cold bluing to try and repair blued finishes that have not sustained extensive damage. Full bluing is done with a heated salt solution. Because the vapors from this process are highly corrosive to metals it can't be done in the same building where finished firearm are stored. I can however send parts or guns out to some individuals I trust for this work.

Can you refinish or replace my gunstock?

I use pre-manufactured, semi inletted stocks. I do not hand make stocks as that in its self is a complete skill set and very time and labor intensive. There are several very reputable stock makers providing finished and unfinished stocks to the market. 

On this same line of thinking I do provide bedding services and can install pillars.

Do you thread barrels and install muzzle brakes?

Yes I do. The basic cost is roughly $75 for the machine work plus the cost of the brake. Additional costs can be incurred if the barrel has to be removed from the action and re-headspaced after it is reinstalled. Muzzle brakes for hunting rifles range from fifty dollars on the low end to a few hundred on the high end. The primary difference being effectiveness and aesthetics.

Are red dot or reflex sights better?

Maybe. This question depends on several variables. 

First as my eyes have aged my ability to see my iron sights clearly has decreased so I do use a reflex sight on my sporting rifle. I have changed all my lever rifles to receiver mounted aperture (peep) sights. I use a red dot sight on my 22 Charger because I see it better. If your eyes are like mine red dot or reflex sights may be a solution.

Secondly if your intended use of the weapon includes low light engagements or requires rapid engagement of targets ( like Bianchi cup or three gun competition ) then again these newfangled sights may offer a better level of performance.

Thirdly are you willing to carry the extra gear (batteries, wipes, etc.) that these types of sights require?

If you find that for your purpose or need a red dot or reflex sight fills the bill most firearms are readily adaptable to their use and I can install them.

These are three of the most common questions that I field frequently.   I hope I have cleared up some of the confusion in these areas.  There are no dumb questions when it comes to firearms. If you don't know, ask. No one knows it all.

Hours for our Gunsmith Dept are Tues-Sat 1pm-6pm.
Seldom offered Classes Now Registering!
Home Defense Shotgun - Dec 7
Have you ever wanted to incorporate a shotgun in your home defense plan...this is the class for you.  This new format is appropriate for people of all ages and physical abilities.
Topics of instruction include shotgun safety and responsibility, recoil control, marksmanship skill development, shooting positions, target engagements, threat assessment, and shotgun modifications/accessories.

In addition to learning the shotguns attributes, this course will teach you the shotgun's limitations. The student will be introduced to Close Range Engagement Techniques (CRET), reality based scenarios, and 360 degree coverage.

A combination of lecture, demonstrations, and live fire exercises will be used to teach the proper deployment of the shotgun from point blank to distances out to 25 yards.
All instruction materials, range time, and targets are provided by Center Target Sports.
  • Students must provide the following:
  • eye and ear protection
  • Semi-auto or pump action shotgun
  • Weapons mounted Flashlight(optional)
  • 25 rounds of bird shot
  • 10 rounds of 00 buckshot (low recoil loads recommended)
  •  5 Slug rounds

Basic Carbine - Dec 22
Basic carbine is the class that teaches the proper manipulation and function of the carbine for defense.  This is an 6 hour course limited to 10 students. This course is designed to introduce students to the rifle and develop safe essential rifle skills. You will learn the short and medium range applications which are encountered by Law Enforcement/Military personnel in an urban/rural environment.

This course covers: ammunition selection, ballistics, loading, unloading and malfunctions, positions and aiming, marksmanship fundamentals, cover and concealment.

Refuse to be a Victim 
Saturday  Dec 28th - 10:00am-2:00pm

Offered In the Daytime between Christmas and New Year's

Safety experts agree the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the conscious decision to Refuse To Be A Victim®. You stand a much better chance of preventing criminal attack if you develop a safety plan before you need it. That is why Center Target Sports is offering the National Rifle Association's Refuse To Be A Victim® crime prevention seminar.
Refuse To Be A Victim® is a four hour crime prevention seminar, designed to provide common sense information geared toward awareness and avoidance of criminal attack. Seminar participants are presented with a variety of common sense crime prevention strategies they may integrate into their daily lives. Participants will better understand criminal thinking and will be provided tips on maximizing home, travel, automobile, telephone, technological, and personal safety. There are no firearms in this class. There are no prerequisites for this class. 
Are you a student home for the holidays?  Now is the time for this class.
The cost of this course is $20.00 and all the proceeds go to the Post Falls Women's Shelter (OASIS).
Since this class tuition all goes to charity this is the only class CTS offers that does not offer a free retake.  

Product Highlights
Sig Tread Rifles ...In Stock 
Introducing the new SIGM400 TREAD from SIG SAUER; all the features, all the freedom - none of the compromises. The TREAD is engineered to deliver exceptional quality, performance and comes standard with the most sought-after features for today's AR platform rifles. Unlike most rifles in its class, the TREAD is easily customizable with a full line of purpose-built accessories, designed and built in the USA. The TREAD from SIG SAUER - the new face of freedom.  
Tuff Writer Defensive Pens tuff writer

The perfect tool of defense for those non-permissive environments.  There is never a reason to be without the basics in defensive tools.

First Aid Headquarters
We have the most comprehensive first aid / tactical care equipment in stock within 100 miles.  Regardless if you are a wood cutter or participate in shooting activities, trauma equipment is an important safety consideration. 
 The bag pictured here closed and an example open is a new bag we are stocking to allow you to configure a larger selection of Trauma gear than the individual first aid pouches many of you have.

These new bags have some great features allowing you the greatest configuration options.  See below:  
  • Three fold-out compartments with zippered closure
  • One open pocket
  • Adjustable & removable shoulder strap
  • Web carrying handle
  • Modular attachment strap
Stop in soon to look at our selection of first aid kits, tourniquets, bandages etc... 
brass Once Fired Polished Brass  

For all you reloader's we now have once fired polished brass available and in stock.  All this brass was recovered from shooting sessions with security teams that fired new ammo.  After finishing shooting and before we opened the shooting bay to the public, we collected the once fired brass.  This brass was then polished and packaged for sale.

If you are a reloader, don't miss this opportunity to get some once fired, polished brass at a great price.
Upcoming Class Schedule


ID Enhanced CCW - Nov 2, 6, 16, 19, Dec 7, 10, 21

Handgun Familiarity - Nov 17, Dec 14

Youth Firearms  Safety - Nov 17, Dec 14

Basic Pistol - Nov 3, 9, 13, 20, Dec 4, 8, 14, 17

Basic Pistol 2 - Nov 26, Dec 18

Defensive Handgun 1- Nov 10, Dec 15

Defensive Handgun 1 (re-takes only) - Nov 17, Dec 1(11am)

Defensive Handgun 2 (retakes only)- Dec 15

Basic Carbine - Dec 22

Home Defense Shotgun - Dec 7

Kubotan - Nov 26

Refuse to be a Victim - Dec 28 (daytime)

Cane Defense - Dec 17


We offer HR 218 quals every other week.  Call the range for the next time and date.


For the entire calendar go toCenter Target Sports classes


Owner Orientation Classes:  


Owner Orientation classes are the free one hour class you receive when you purchase a gun at Center Target Sports.  Just bring your receipt and show up.  If you want to take the class and didn't buy your gun from us, the class is $40 and everyone's welcome.  All Owner Orientation classes at 3:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Ruger - Nov 1, Dec 3

Springfield - Nov 21, Dec 20

Shotgun - Nov15, Dec 17

1911 - Nov 5, Dec 4

AR - Nov 14, Dec 13

Revolver - Nov 8, Dec 11

S&W semi-auto - Nov 19, Dec 18

Sig - Nov 13, Dec 12

Glock - Nov 6, Dec 5

"All Others"- Taurus, Bersa, Beretta, Kel-tec, Walther, Kahr, CZ, Lionheart - 

Nov 7, 22, Dec 10, 19


This Month's Shooting/Safety Tip
As I walk along the shooting bay observation windows and look at the shooters, the number one thing I want to immediately correct on the majority of people is their GRIP!  So I thought I would go over the importance of grip when shooting.  Our defensive shooting courses here at Center Target Sports have become very popular with armed professionals and serious defensive minded civilians alike. 
Shooting for defense on the street is not shooting on the range.  When in these high stress confrontations proper shooting stance may be out of the question.  The fact is you may be shooting with one hand while fending off or grappling with the other.  The reality is the only thing you may be able to control or that relates to how we shoot on the range could be the GRIP.  You have heard us at CTS discuss "Dynamic Grip".  This is our term for controlling the firearm whenever it is out of the holster.
The four primary fundamentals or components of defensive pistol marksmanship are Stance, Grips, Sights, and Trigger Control. An additional component of defensive pistol craft is follow-through.   Because of the life and death stress of a gunfight especially one in contact distance...Grip may be all that you can control.
Let's take a closer look at grip.  Please understand that this is a clinical look at grip.  As with all the fundamentals they may be performed at some level of compromise while under extreme stress.  It is my belief that by understanding the clinical aspects of a dynamic grip and practicing those fundamentals this will allow the shooter to maintain a better dynamic grip while under extreme stress.
  • Grip Alignment of the hand and the lower arm - When establishing the proper grip, the weapon must be fitted to the dominant hand. Ideally, the pistol should be placed in the hand so that a straight line is formed at the front sight and extending to the rear through the wrist and forearm. If raised rapidly up to the line of sight, the shooter should be able to very readily look through the sights with little or no adjustment when fitted properly. 
  • Grip Position- Dominant Hand-the dominant hand middle, ring, and pinky fingers should be as high as possible on the front strap of the pistol grip while the web of the hand should be as high as possible on the rear strap of the pistol.   This provides maximum leverage, mechanical advantage, recoil control, and puts the trigger finger in a high and proper position to reach the trigger.   The index finger is the trigger finger and operates independently of the gripping action. It's only activities will be to either remain in a position high on the outside of the frame or to press the trigger straight to the rear and control movement of the trigger forward after firing. 
  • Non-Dominant Hand-Both hands should completely encircle the pistol, with the heels of both hands connecting.   As much of the pistol grip surface should be covered. This allows for improved recoil control. The index finger of the non-dominant hand should not be placed on the front of the trigger guard. In most cases, this provides only minimal support and does not always maintain contact during recoil. The non-dominant hand is generally straight up and down with the wrist locked and the fingers of this hand together and as high as possible on the front strap. When possible, the index finger of the non-dominant hand should be wedged between the bottom of the trigger guard and the middle finger of the dominant hand. This most often will prevent the unintentional downward pulling of the gun during the trigger stroke. Another variation of non-dominant hand placement is where some shooters will cam or turn the wrist at a slight downward angle. This not only may provide increased control, but may be necessary in order to have the thumbs not interfering with the operation of the slide or other pistol parts.   
Thumb Placement 

The thumbs are the largest and strongest digits of the hand. Thumb placement will depend upon location of the safety, slide stop levers, de-cocking levers, and magazine catches. 
Develop a level of consistency with your thumb position as moving the thumbs to various placement combinations can literally result in changes in shot placement, much like moving the sights. (SEE BELOW)

The most advantageous thumb position will need to be determined by each and every shooter in order to achieve the best results.   Three positions that should be experimented based upon the pistol and the shooter's needs are:
  • High Parallel Thumbs
    -Thumbs are touching, parallel, and the tips are pointed either straight up and down or no lower than a 45 degree angle.
  • Low Parallel Thumbs-Thumbs are touching, parallel, and the tips are pointed either straight forward or no higher than a 45 degree angle. The dominant thumb may be forming pressure on the top of the non-dominant thumb or on the knuckle or meaty portion of it.   The inside of the non-dominant thumb may be pushing inward on the slide. 
  • Locked Down Thumbs-Non-dominant thumb is locked over the top of the dominant thumb.   This is often preferred by those with revolver training. In some cases, the locked down thumbs placement will result in a gap forming where the heels of the hands should have been touching when in a two handed grip.
  1. Grip Strength-the proper shooting grip, whether single or two handed, should be able to provide sufficient power to hold the pistol, provide mechanical advantage over the reciprocating slide, stabilize the pistol throughout the trigger stroke and reset, and naturally point the pistol from the lower arm.   Ideally, the strength in the grip consists of the following:
  • Locking the wrist-without a locked wrist, the pistol will not point as an extension of the lower arm, and may move unnecessarily during recoil. Not having a locked wrist can also result in unnecessary movement of the pistol during the trigger stroke, as there will be no resistance to stabilize the pistol.
  • Tension-Sufficient power should be applied with the shooting grip to control the pistol during aiming, trigger manipulation, and recoil.   This could be described as the power needed to squeeze water from a rag, the power needed when sliding down a fireman's pole or gym rope, or when hammering a large tent peg into the ground. For confrontations, the "handshake" grip may not apply. 
  • Two Handed Grip-depending upon the shooter's stance and shooting platform, this may be a "push-pull"/isometric tension or an evenly wrapped grip that "clamshells" the pistol with the heels pressing together. 
As a final note... Practice a strong dynamic grip overtime you shoot.  The more consistent you are with your grip the more of that base skill you will retain when things get very stressful.

 Shoot Straight and Be Safe...Ed   


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