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February 2020

The Northwest's First Five Star Range and

         The Inland NW's ONLY Five Star Range      
The Northwest's only "NO REGRETS" POLICY
2010 Best Shooting Range in USA
Awarded by SHOT Business Magazine
2010 Best Indoor Range in USA
Awarded by Glock (GSSF) Inc.
Post Falls 2013 Business of the Year
A Few Thoughts from Ed:
ed pic
Well here it is the end of January and I am a year older and actually finishing the February newsletter before the 1st of the month.  Maybe this is a sign of things to least the January and me being another year older part...newsletter completed on time, we can only hope! For those of you who have heard the rumors....Yes this B-Day qualified me for the amazing Medicare card.

This time of year also marks the start of our FREE Clinics.  A special thank you to those of you who attended our clinic in Dec.
These FREE Clinics are a very important part of who and what we are here at CTS. We feel very strongly about providing critical information to our guests under this format. We will continue to offer these clinics as long as our guests keep attending. Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep you all informed.
As a community we are incomplete if we can't come together and support each other with respect, friendship, loyalty, trust, goodwill and the sharing of information. Thank you for making this a special community.
Things are happening at CTS.  Our class enrollments continue to grow.  Please see the attached coupon for 10% saving on classes.  We have only discounted our classes one other time in 15 years.  This coupon is a small way for us to say thank you to our loyal students.  I appreciate all of you who have been patient with the long waits for open class slots.  Please realize that we are offering classes on every available open day of the month. Peggy continues to offer her bi-monthly RTBAV class and her classes are growing in size as are my less lethal classes such as Kubotan and Cane defense.  We will continue to look at every available opportunity to offer classes and we will never compromise on the quality of instruction. 
We have a lot happening at CTS. Please keep an eye out for new classes and some exciting events over the next few months.
Notes from Peggy: 
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!
Thank you Glock shooters for your patience in receiving your scores for Jan. as I was on vacation.  They are posted on our website now. Congrats to three 500 shooters!!!
A reminder that we short the website spaces in our classes.  If the website says full, please call the range to see if there's one spot available.

Thank you to everyone who continues to donate to the Women's Shelter by bringing in toiletries and old cell phones.  Thank you from all of us.

 Center Target Sports        
The question & answer block.

Do you as a customer of CTS have a question we can answer that might also interest others?  Send it to [email protected]  In the subject line type "newsletter question".  We'll answer a question or two in our next newsletter for all to see. (We won't use your name without permission.)
This month's question:  
From Linda T.   Why doesn't CTS teach Women Only classes?   
Great question Linda.  This is something that I started considering long before we built CTS.  I have never seen the benefit in woman only classes because of our class structure and our presentation style.   I do realize that we have possibly lost a few enrollments as a result of our decision not to offer woman only classes.   I guess if I was thinking of just the revenue generated by our classes I would offer such a class.   
But we are 100 percent commited to creating the best possible learning environment and I believe this would be impossible if we seperated the sexes.  The classroom and range time experience we strive to create is one of openess, challenge, reflection, demonstration and much more.  Lessons and learning is achieved at a more diverse level and methods when both men and woman share the learning experience.
Thanks again for your question.  If you have any questions as a result of my response, please give me a call or stop in to my office next time you are at CTS.

Ruger 5.7
Our Rental Counter = Latest and Greatest!

No longer just rumors...We have the new Ruger 5.7 X 28. Come in and shoot this very innovative addition to the Ruger collection.

Hell Cat 9mm

Pictured on the left is the new Springfield Hellcat 9mm.  This has generated a ton of interest in the CCW world.  Come in and see what all the fuss is about.


Pictured on the right is the new LCP II in 22LR.  With the increasing popularity of the smaller semi autos Ruger has delivered their popular LCP series in the 22LR caliber. 
Think Gift Certificates all Year!
Valentine's Day
Or...Just Because

Don't forget we also have a special deal on Machine Gun Gift Certificates!

Consignment Corner

Welcome to the consignment corner.  Remember many of the consignment guns have additional accessories.
We are unable to display or list many of the accessories that are often included with our consignment guns.   Items such as extra magazine (sometime 7 or 8 extra mags) holsters, tools, storage containers, ammunition, etc.
All of these extras add up to the overall value of the sale.  Imagine buying a $500.00 handgun that also has with it six $60.00 mags, that's quite a savings all for $500.00.

Sig P250 9mm with the conversion kit to .22LR 
$550...two guns in one

We have developed such a great reputation with respect to our consignment firearms that many of you come in and ask about our stock every week.
  If you're interested, don't wait!   
  Too Many To List...
Over 55 Consignment Guns in Stock 

 CCW Clinic
Feb 3 - 6PM
"All About Concealed Carry Options" 
This FREE clinic will cover the various methods of conceal carry options.  We will also discuss the concerns of the CCW holder as well as the expectations of the community and law.  
Carry methods, Clothing options, Leather vs. Plastic, On Body vs. Off Body and much more will be discussed.

Please call to reserve your spot.  208-773-2331

Do you have a topic idea?  

Next Free Clinic March 9th - 6PM

The Elements of Defensive Shooting
From Range Practice to the Street
Shooting in a bullseye match and shooting to defend yourself are completely different.  Pretty much every element of shooting is different and these differences will be discussed during this clinic.  We will discuss everything from handgun projectile trauma expectations to ammo selection and shooting mechanics as well as the legal aspects you would be expected to encounter.

Please call to reserve your spot.  208-773-2331
Bullseye League Winners


High Average Scores for the third trimester of 2019.  

Keeping it in the family.  Father and son take home the prizes.

Pierce Gural won the one handed with a 273 average and 5 bullseyes, and his dad, Craig Gural, won the two handed with a 282 average and 5 bullseyes. 

Member FUN Shoot

Feb 10
9AM - 1PM
 Every 3rd Saturday

Feb 15
March 21
The Women Of Caliber
Shooting Club

2nd Tuesday of every month

Feb 11
March 10

Bullseye League meets every Thursday at 4:45 and 6 pm.   If anyone is interested in shooting Bullseye, we would be happy to have you join our league. It's costs $7 to shoot for the evening and you need 65 rounds of ammunition. The second and fourth Thursday of each month, we shoot the national match course at 50 feet. The third and fifth Thursday of each month, we shoot at 75 feet. The first Thursday of each month, we have a fun shoot. On even-numbered months, we shoot a Centerfire pistol at 50 feet using the 75 foot Target. Makes for some really interesting competition. On the first Thursday of odd numbered months, we shoot the Jack McElroy Bastard Aggregate. For this competition we shoot 30 rounds of rimfire and 30 rounds of centerfire at 75 ft.  We then add both scores together for a possible 600 point match.  So please come join us for some great competition and camaraderie. We love to have new shooters join our group and hope to see you there.
IDPA meets the 1st and 2nd Sunday of every month from 7:30-11am.  Everyone's welcome.  Come watch and learn or participate.  Newcomers always welcome. $10
GSSF Glock Matches: Shoot in 2 of 3 matches in a series and be eligible to win a Glock pistol. Yes, Center Target Sports gives away a Glock every 3 months! Call the range for more details.


Our "Women of Caliber" group meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month 4:45-7pm.  
Please bring eye and ear protection as well as photo ID.  Dummy rounds for your specific caliber are also recommended along with 2-3 magazines if using your own firearm.   If needed, CTS will loan you a handgun free of charge with purchase of their ammo. 
Everyone is welcome to attend the educational portion of the meeting from 5-6, however due to the growing number of ladies attending, we do not have enough mentors to work with new shooters. A basic pistol course is required to attend the shooting portion.  Exceptions need to be discussed with Darla.
If you want more information about the meetings or would like to be placed on our mailing list please contact Darla at  [email protected]

Feb:  ammunition considerations for practice or carry (Ed Santos presenting)
Mar: staying safer in public places

Non-lethal Practice Session
If you've take a Center Target Sports Kubotan, Cane or OC class and want some practice time with the instructor, this is for's free, but you need to call and sign up. 
March 17
5:30-7:00 pm

Draw From Holster and Rapid Fire Opportunity

The sessions are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 9am to 11am. We provide a dedicated staff member (RSO) to start.  If the demand grows we will extend the opportunities.

So this is how it works.  The time allotted will be between 0900 and 1100.  Because we bring in a staff person during non operational hours the doors open at 0850 and are locked at 0900.  No one is admitted after 0900.The shooting is FREE to members and non-members are charged $5.00 cash only as the registers will not be open.  

If you've taken Def HG 2 or higher here
firing line
 at Center Target Sports and are interested in 
an open shooting session to practice those skills this is the perfect opportunity to participate in this fun activity.  

Shooters are reminded that CTS will not be providing any instruction during this activity and this is why all participants must be vetted by their completion of Def HG II.   

OLD ARMY Coffee - Still Available at CTS
THERE'S A SIMPLE IDEA BEHIND IT - Supporting Our Veterans
Old Army Coffee is a 100% service-connected disabled Veteran owned small business located in Spokane Valley.  They create teams by hiring Veterans and getting them back to task with gainful and meaningful employment. 
Their coffee roaster is Craves Coffee in Spokane.  They came up with 8 unique blends that are their proprietary recipes.
The owner of Old Army Coffee is Jamie Blackhart, 104th Division Operations Sergeant Major. He will retire from the Army Reserves this December with over 30 years in service. 15+ Active Duty and the rest in the US Army Reserve and Army National Guard.
They want to continue to give back and serve our community and decided that there was a large gap in the market for a positive image and unique themed coffee. Something with artwork that catches the eye of the customer and gets them thinking nostalgically about better times. Fun images of the Greatest Generation and wars we were winning and that made a difference in the world.
Old Army Coffee was born out of honoring the past and serving the future. Everyone, regardless of politics, can remember fondly that period in history and has a grandparent or relative that served.
We support and provide product to Veterans and community Not For Profit organizations. 
CTS is proud to support this product and we now have it available for our patrons.  Don't forget to pick up a bag of beans or grounds the next time you visit us.

Gunsmith Corner

I am going to try and get this said without ruffling any feathers. I know there are plenty of people that like to build their own AR Platform rifles. I would like to make a few suggestions that may save you some heartache further on down the road.

First, Plan to attend our AR Armorers Course February 21 & 22 here at Center Target Sports. I guarantee that you will leave knowing more about assembly, function, tools and history than you even imagined. Plus some really handy tricks.

Second, please understand that there are more than one set of structural dimensions for MSR's. Colt and DPMS and MilSpec are not always compatible with each other. Older Colts and some Olympic Arms may have larger diameter take down pins, there are two trigger pin sizes that are common and at least two that are proprietary. Make sure when you order your parts kit that it will be compatible with your receivers.
Third, I know that when you watch it on "You Tube" it looks simple. But they never show or mention the number of tries it took to get that simple video. Nor do they explain that there was some "minor" fitting involved before it slipped right together.
Fourth, nobody got it right the first time. Everybody loses parts. And yes three hands are helpful.
Lastly, let's talk about caliber selection. Being the original 5.56 x 45 mm is the easiest to get to run properly in your newly built rifle. It is as very good choice for a first build. That being said if you become enamored with the 300 blackout,     6.5 Grendel, 224 Valkyrie, 450 bushmaster, 460 SOCOM, 350 Legend or any other dream cartridge that will fit in the magazine then be prepared to tinker with gas ports, gas blocks and recoil springs and buffers to get it to run just right.
We haven't even touched on trigger types, bolt carriers bolts, direct impingement vs op rod and sighting systems. So understand this field of MSR's is an ever expanding field filled with pit falls and darlings. Go forth bravely but with caution and much study.


Hours for our Gunsmith Dept are Tues-Sat 1pm-6pm.
Seldom offered Classes Now Registering!
Home Defense Shotgun - March 22
Have you ever wanted to incorporate a shotgun in your home defense plan?  This is the class for you.  This new format is appropriate for people of all ages and physical abilities.
Topics of instruction include shotgun safety and responsibility, recoil control, marksmanship skill development, shooting positions, target engagements, threat assessment, and shotgun modifications/accessories.

In addition to learning the shotguns attributes, this course will teach you the shotgun's limitations. The student will be introduced to Close Range Engagement Techniques (CRET), reality based scenarios, and 360 degree coverage.

A combination of lecture, demonstrations, and live fire exercises will be used to teach the proper deployment of the shotgun from point blank to distances out to 25 yards.
All instruction materials, range time, and targets are provided by Center Target Sports.
  • Students must provide the following:
  • eye and ear protection
  • Semi-auto or pump action shotgun
  • Weapons mounted Flashlight(optional)
  • 25 rounds of bird shot
  • 10 rounds of 00 buckshot (low recoil loads recommended)
  •  5 Slug rounds

Refuse to be a Victim 
Monday Feb 24 - 5-9pm

Safety experts agree the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the conscious decision to Refuse To Be A Victim®. You stand a much better chance of preventing criminal attack if you develop a safety plan before you need it. That is why Center Target Sports is offering the National Rifle Association's Refuse To Be A Victim® crime prevention seminar.
Refuse To Be A Victim® is a four hour crime prevention seminar, designed to provide common sense information geared toward awareness and avoidance of criminal attack. Seminar participants are presented with a variety of common sense crime prevention strategies they may integrate into their daily lives. Participants will better understand criminal thinking and will be provided tips on maximizing home, travel, automobile, telephone, technological, and personal safety. There are no firearms in this class. There are no prerequisites for this class. 
The cost of this course is $20.00 and all the proceeds go to the Post Falls Women's Shelter (OASIS).
Since this class tuition all goes to charity this is the only class CTS offers that does not offer a free retake.  

Wilderness 1st Aid - Feb 8  9am-1pm

 It's time again for Wilderness First Aid.  If you cut firewood, ride ATV's, Snowmobiles, hunt, fish or recreate in the wilderness this is the class for you.   
In this class we will discuss wilderness survival and critical first aid techniques. 
The class is appropriate for all ages and experience levels.  We will also discuss first aid kits and the differences between first aid in your back yard vs. first aid in remote areas.

AR Armorer Course (2 days) - Feb 21-22

If you have ever wanted to learn about the AR weapons system this is the class ar class for you!  In two days of comprehensive in depth assembly and disassembly every part will be removed and explained.
 This class will teach you what you need to know about building and or modifying the AR.
On day one you will build the rifle from parts provided to you in a ziplock bag.  That's right... every rifle component will be placed in ziplock bags and you will assemble and function test the rifle. 
Over the two day class we will cover assembly/disassembly, function, fit, operation, and troubleshooting just to mention a few topics.  Sign up today as this class is limited in size and will sell out.

Concealed Carry Street Survival - March 15

This course was developed to introduce our students to the appropriate response to a surprise attack.
This class teaches students to use the body's natural FLINCH response to their advantage. Natural flinch body posturing will be the initiation position for many of the techniques presented in this course. Even the best prepared or situationally aware person is subject to a surprise attack. This class will teach you to win that fight!
  • Safe Gun Handling
  • Body's Natural Flinch Reaction
  • Counter Ambush Techniques 
  • 360 degree Movement/Shooting
  • Threat Interaction
  • Less than Lethal Force options
  • Use of Lethal Force Options
  • Post Incident Actions and Responsibilities
  • Live Fire Exercises
Required Equipment:
  • Handgun with 2 Mags or Speed Loaders
  • 250 Rounds of Ammo
  • STRONG side holster
  • Eye and Eye Protection
  • Billed Baseball Cap (Optional)
  • Cover Garment (Optional)

Product Highlights 

The OLIGHT CEO says "We have one simple goal: to put an OLIGHT in as many people's hands as possible." 
 Why? Because we believe no one should be left in the dark...period. We believe in providing quality illumination products to everyone. We care about every little detail from brightness to run time, from ergonomics to size and weight; and, more importantly, about how we can improve your lives with light. 
We want to push our products to the limit so that we can give you the best lights in the smallest package possible for the best price, so that you have the right tools to conquer the night.
We are a global, technology-driven lighting company, filled with dedicated people who want to provide the best for our customers. We are Outdoors-men, Sportsmen, Veterans, and DIY go-getters - we are you. We use our own products every day to make sure that we practice what we preach; it keeps us honest. We want to give you quality design and functionality that really works when you need it to. We are just a group of people looking to change the world one light at a time, and we want you to be a part of it.
Come in today and see for yourself the quality and performance of the tactical OLIGHT family of lights.
Can you say 22LR pistols?  We have never had such an assortment of rimfire pistols to choose from.  We have in stock plenty of the new .22s by Ruger and Glock.  
The Glock 44 and Ruger LCPII .22 are in stock and for sale.  New additions to our rental counter ready for your test fire are the Ruger LCPII and Ruger 57.

Upcoming Class Schedule


ID Enhanced CCW - Feb 2, 10, 23, 29, March 8, 14, 18, 31

Handgun Familiarity - Feb 9, March 21

Youth Firearms  Safety - Feb 9, March 21

Basic Pistol - Feb 4, 8, 16, 19, March 3, 7, 14, 16, 28

Basic Pistol 2 - Feb 25, March 11, 23
Concealed Carry Street Survival - March 15

Defensive Handgun 1- Feb 22, March 27

Defensive Handgun 1 (re-takes only) - Feb 16, March 29

Intro to Carbine - March 1

Basic Carbine - Feb 1

Home Defense Shotgun - March 22

AR Armorer Course (2 day) - Feb 21-22

Kubotan - Feb 5, March 11

Refuse to be a Victim - Feb 24

Wilderness 1st Aid - Feb 8

Less lethal practice (Cane, Kubotan, OC) - March 17


We offer HR 218 quals every other week.  Call the range for the next time and date.


For the entire calendar go toCenter Target Sports classes


Owner Orientation Classes:  


Owner Orientation classes are the free one hour class you receive when you purchase a gun at Center Target Sports.  Just bring your receipt and show up.  If you want to take the class and didn't buy your gun from us, the class is $40 and everyone's welcome.  All Owner Orientation classes at 3:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Ruger - Feb 6, March 5

Springfield - Feb 27, March 26

Shotgun - Feb 19, March 13

1911 - Feb 4, March 3

AR - Feb 20, March 17

Revolver - Feb 7, March 6

S&W semi-auto - Feb 26, March 18

Sig - Feb 13, March 12

Glock - Feb 5, March 4

"All Others"- Taurus, Bersa, Beretta, Kel-tec, Walther, Kahr, CZ, Lionheart - 

Feb 12, 25, March 11, 24


This Month's Shooting/Safety Tip
Movement While Shooting Can 
Save Your Life..... 

Not wanting to ignore some of the more advanced students, I want to offer a training tip this month that is more advanced than we have previously covered.  So along with that lead-in comes this warning.  If you are not an advanced student or have not worked from the holster much, please do these drills with an unloaded firearm.  Practicing these skill sets with a loaded firearm should only be done at a safe range location and under the supervision of an experienced coach/observer.
Many students are aware of smoothness in the draw stroke.  They try to achieve this smoothness by practicing in front of the mirror or by receiving coaching from a knowledgeable friend.  The shortfall in many of these practice routines is that many students fail to incorporate movement off the line of attack.  Movement off the line of attack simultaneously as you complete the draw stroke is critical. 
ipsc The initial drill should be limited to practicing the draw stroke while moving to the left and then practice the same thing with movement to the right.  We have to constantly strive for balance in all our techniques.  We can only achieve balance by working both sides of every skill set.  Don't favor one side or another because it feels more comfortable than the other.  Remember as you complete these drills they must be complete skill sets i.e. they must include the proper presentation of the firearm, the shot execution (if hot range), the return to high ready with 360 scan, and then a reluctant re-holstering.
When you feel you have achieved the proper combination of smoothness and speed and if appropriate, shooting accuracy, add an additional target.  Continue this process until you are addressing 4 separate targets in one draw and movement skill set.  When this technique starts to feel right, add equipment malfunctions to the drill.  Practice reloads and malfunction corrections as part of the skill set.  These corrections should be accomplished in every conceivable way i.e. two handed, dominate hand or support hand only.  Of course, movement during the entire skill set is required.
To refine and finish these skill sets be sure and incorporate movement in all directions.  When you think you have the left and right movements down, add some target aggression forward movement and rear movement to your drills.  Of course, indexing, muzzle direction, and the 360 scan are critical.

If you have any questions on this subject don't hesitate to call us.  Anyone wanting to practice drawing in our facility should check out the section above which explains our draw session. Start out with the basics and add difficulty only after you have mastered the skill set. 
Remember....Be Safe... 

Be Safe...Ed    

Customer Appreciation Offer
We are offering a discount on our training.  These classes are already selling out at regular prices but we want to say thank you by saving you some money!

Present this coupon and save 10% on the most comprehensive training anywhere in the Northwest!. 

Offer Expires 02/29/2020.   ID CCW Enhanced class and Refuse to be a Victim are NOT part of this promotion, all other classes are included. Sorry, no double dipping if you already qualify for a discount.
Coupon must be presented to receive discount.  Limited to scheduled classes.
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