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Newsletter  July 2021

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A Few Words From Ed

July is here and so is summer. What an exciting time around CTS. It is great to have so much to look forward to in the next few weeks. 

I must begin this newsletter with a few words about our 10th annual August 14th Customer/Community appreciation day. We are so proud of what this event has provided the community over the years. Now the challenge is to be bigger, better, and more giving to this awesome community and our three primary benefactors this year.

Again, this year's event will support the Post Falls Food Bank, Vitalant Blood Bank, and the USMC Toys for Tots program. How can we go wrong supporting these agencies?
Here's our dilemma. Last year overloaded the blood mobile to the point they turned away donors. This year they are sending three blood mobiles. That means we need to meet the challenge and overload all three of these units this year. They say it can't be done, I say we can. The shooting community can do it! Please sign up and make an appointment to give on August 14th. See below for more details.

Don't miss the Hot Shot Kids Fun Shoots that we are offering throughout the summer. This is a great opportunity to spend time with a young shooter or shooter want to be. PJ is leading the charge and he guarantees an educational and fun experience for both adults and the kids. See the fun shoot section below for more info.

Reminder, we are using Facebook exclusively to announce our One Day Flash Sale items every week.  We will continue to reward our loyal Facebook guests by using Facebook exclusively to announce the arrival of the hard to get very high demand firearms. These firearms will of course be offered first come first served for as long as supply lasts.

We would like to increase the use of our Selfie Wall designed for you to take a pic with your target, friends, or new purchase. Anyone who posts a selfie on Facebook and mentions Center Target Sports will be put in a drawing for a gift bag given out at the Customer Appreciation Day. Contest begins July 1st.

In addition to FREE shooting and children's prizes we will once again have free hot dogs. Mark your calendars for Aug 14th, 9am-2pm

Be Safe .....Ed

Notes from Peggy:
Since we were closed on July 4th. IDPA will be the 2nd and 3rd Sundays in July.

Save the date! Customer appreciation day. August 14th. 9am-2pm.

If you're getting unwanted "interested in" emails from us, please let us know and we'll take you off the list. Just reply to any email from us saying "take me off this list" and we'll do it instantly.

If the website shows a class is full, sometimes it has 1 or 2 spaces still available. We short the website because there is a lag time in getting those registrations and we do not want to overbook the class. You can call the range and check if the class is indeed full. Also, we find last minute cancellations happen. So if you see a class date that works for you, put it on your schedule and give us a call 1 or 2 days prior to the class. You may find that there is a last minute opening.

A reminder that retakes need to call in to the range to sign up. The website does NOT recognize a retake nor does it recognize class credit...please call us.

Yes, we are still taking toiletries and phone donations for the women's shelter. Thank you to all of you who give.

Save The Date!
Our 10th Annual Customer Appreciation Day 
For Our Community... 
August 14th, 9-2
This year's community event promises to be our best ever. This FREE event is all about our customers and the community.  We are giving away 3 firearms!!!  We will collect food for the Post Falls Food Bank, Toys for Toys for Tots, and Blood for Vitalant.  
We will again be printing your tickets with your name and phone number if you bring more than 25 pounds of food. No more writing your names over and over and over!  
This year we're again hosting a live broadcast from K102 with morning DJ Derik Walker on site. And once again this year Joe Strain and kids have put together their best show ever! You have to see it to believe it!
2 years ago, you may remember that in 5 hours time we collected (thanks to our shooting community) 25,000 lbs of food for the Post Falls food bank, 3 totes of toys for Toys for Tots and 125 units of blood for the blood bank. Last year due to COVID, we had to cancel.

It is our goal to surpass all those totals. We promise to do our part. We will giveaway at least 3 firearms, a case of ammo and hundreds of other prizes. Watch for more specific information in our special email blast coming in August.
Again this year we're giving one ticket for each pound of food you bring or for each toy. Each ticket is a chance to win a gun or ammo or one of hundreds of other prizes. No need to be present to win the guns. 
Now is the time to set a NEW RECORD!!!  
IRONMAN Safes have again donated a new safe. (On display in our store)
GOLDEN TICKET DRAWING: We are once again giving away a full size safe form Ironman Safe and a lifetime membership to Center Target Sports. Donate 100lbs or more of food and in addition to your 100+ gun drawing tickets, you will be entered into the Golden Ticket Drawing for a safe and lifetime membership to Center Target Sports... 200lbs = 2 Golden Entries!
3 Bloodmobiles again this year.....
 Time to Sign Up For Blood Donation
Aug 14th, 8:30am-2pm

Vaccine status does not affect blood donation!
The Importance of donors calling ahead and making an appointment for Blood Donations can not be overstated! We are striving for full staffing on each Collection Van. To guarantee full staffing we need to have those appointment sheets full. 

Please call the range and sign up ASAP. We want to break the record and prove to everyone how giving the local shooting community can be! Thank you in advance for your support. 208-773-2331. 

FREE SWAP Meet Booths

We are taking signups for the FREE swap meet booths and they will go fast. Don't wait till the last minute to make your reservations.  Space is limited.

Remember anything can be sold in your booth except firearms and onsite edible food. This year plans to be bigger and better than ever before. 

Call 208-773-2331 and ask Deb to reserve you space today! Or email [email protected]
 Derik Walker LIVE 
Meet Derik Who is one half of the very popular K102 Morning Show
In preparation for our Aug 14th Event, we are once again looking to borrow canopies for the day. If you have a canopy that we can use, please contact [email protected]
We appreciate your support as we're sure this will be another HOT day!
Thank you in advance.

We Are Again Renting Some Guns So You Can Try Before You Buy...

We are happy to announce that beginning July first, we will be able to rent 9MM and .40S&W firearms!

Rentals still must only be used with our ammo. Ammo is still in short supply but we have been able to get enough to support our rental program. 380 ammo is not yet available but we continue to try and get enough in.
Each customer who rents a firearm caliber can purchase and shoot one box of ammo. 

Thanks for understanding. We'll continue to rent while supplies last.
Center Target Sports reintroduces the KIDS HOT SHOT FUN SHOOT starting July 14TH & 28TH, 2021, from 5 to 7 pm. Look for the August dates on the August calendar.

This is a friendly competition between kids (7-15 yrs. old) and their parents, grandparents or guardians. It might be (slightly?) weighted in favor of the kids, but based on past experience, the competition is anywhere from slight to fierce! It is an opportunity for the kids to be exposed to learning firearms safety, and the experience of firing a .22 pistol and rifle. All with a Range Safety Officer teaching your child safety, and proper firearms handling in a fun, learning atmosphere.

The cost is $25 each kid, the adult shoots for free. Center Target Sports provides the ammo, firearms and targets, you will need to provide eye and ear protection. Each kid will need to have a youth waiver signed by their parents and sign range rules, and each adult will need to make sure their range rules and waiver are up to date. Once you sign your paperwork it is good for 2 years. You must sign up in advance in person or by calling Center Target Sports. If you need to fill out paperwork, please show up 30 minutes prior to the start of the event so you have time to finish your paperwork before we start.
Grandkids Coming to Visit this summer?

Reminder if you have children under 21 coming to visit you and you wish to bring them to the range we will need permission from a parent or guardian for them to shoot with you. A signed note with a copy of the parent's driver's license if they are from out of town will do so we can match the signatures. You will then need to fill out the waiver for the child when you come in.
Our Current Hours Are: 
Monday   CLOSED
Tuesday    11am-5pm
Wednesday 11am-5pm
Thursday   9am-7pm
Friday      9am-7pm
Saturday   9am-7pm
Sunday     11am-5pm
Remember Find Great Savings!

20% off Flash Sales every Wednesday!

Specific Items Posted on Facebook every Wed. morning!
Product Highlights:

Glock Conversion Kit
We Now Have the MCK Conversions in Stock

Customize your favorite Glock Pistol
The next generation of Micro Roni is here! They improved our past generation models into the ultimate conversion kit. Micro Roni Generation 4, they call it the MCK and it’s 100% made in the USA.
This Micro Conversion Kit is a lightweight and sturdy platform for Glock handguns, turning it into the ultimate Glock Conversion Kit. It has a barrel shroud made of aluminum with a polymer body.
It is greatly improved from previous generations of the Micro Roni Stabilizer. Available for select Gen 3, 4, and 5 Glock models.

New P365X In Stock!

The P365 redefined what a concealed-carry pistol should be. Featuring a 3.1 inch barrel, the XSeries grip module with a 12 round flush fit magazine.
These features, along with the signature XSeries flat trigger, all come standard. The P365X maintains the crisp, clean P365 trigger pull. Never has so much versatility and capability been squeezed into such a perfectly concealable size.
  • XSERIES 365 Grip Module
  • Nitron Slide With XRAY3 Day/Night Front Sight
  • XSERIES Flat Trigger
  • Compatible with SIG SAUER ROMEOZero
  • (2) 12 Round Steel Magazines

Finally Our Gun Inventory Is Growing

We have the all new S&W M&P 9 Shield Plus, Shield EZ's, Hell Cats, Sig Sauers and many others in stock!

Please don't call us about specific guns as our stock changes every day.
Did You Know?
Did you know you can shoot some rifles and shotguns at Center Target Sports?

         1) .22 Long Rifle (LR). The rifle must have sights – either iron or optical.

         2) Shotguns of all gauges.

              a) Ammunition is limited to 00 buckshot or shot gun slugs.
              b) The pellets from bird shot or target loads damages the range’s overhead sound baffling and target trolley system. This is why the staff will ask to inspect your shotgun ammunition.

        3) AR-15 platforms and rifles chambered in .223.

             a) The rifle must have sights – either iron or optical.
             b) All bullets must be jacketed to limit lead (Pb) exposure.
             c) No tracer rounds which can cause fires in the range’s ground rubber tire backstop . . . and damage to the rifle’s barrel over time. Tracer ammunition is market with red paint on the bullet’s tip.
             d) No armor piercing rounds. These are often marked with black paint on the tip, and are outlawed for civilian use the BATF. 

              Note: 5.56 mm ammunition with a painted green tip is permitted at Center Target Sports.

Tell Me About the REQUIRED Proficiency Test for Def Handgun 1

To sign up for Def HG 1, you must complete a 10 minute proficiency test. We offer this test every other Friday at 9am. To take this test, just call the range to get on the list. This test supports our ultimate goal to balance the student experience and make the classes as comprehensive as possible.

 To take a required proficiency test please bring the below listed equipment:

  • Firearm and strong side OWB holster
  • 3 magazines with two mag pouches
  • Eye and Ear Protection

No proficiency test is needed to retake a class you've already attended.
Hope this helps everyone understand the process.

Speaking of Classes and Student Abilities.

I wanted to talk about the CCW qualification. Every listing of our CCW class clearly delivers the message that students must know how to shoot and handle their firearm. CCW is not a "how to shoot class". Students must be able to load, handle and shoot their firearm safely. We are constantly experiencing students that do not know how to load their handgun and can not accurately shoot their gun well enough to hit a man sized target out to 30 feet. Would you take your driver’s license test without taking Driver’s Ed or ever driving a car?

During the qualification process we can no longer take the time to work one on one with students that can not shoot safely or accurately on their own. Beginning immediately, if we see a student struggling with their firearm ability we will take them off the firing line and they can return at a later date to qualify. They will not receive the certificate or application paperwork until they qualify.

Thanks for understanding but safety and courtesy to the other students in the class are paramount.

Be Safe...ed

Basic Pistol II vs. Repeating Basic Pistol
We created Basic Pistol II at the request of our former Lead Instructor Ken Cramer. Ken accurately saw a need for a venue that provided more trigger time to the basic student that would allow their skills to more rapidly improve.
The result of his thinking was the development of Basic Pistol II which is designed to be almost entirely conducted on the range. That's why the prerequisite of Basic Pistol is important.

If you completed Basic Pistol but want more trigger time to refine your shooting skills with an instructor present, the Basic Pistol II class will allow you to grow leaps and bounds, more than if you merely repeated Basic Pistol. Of course when you complete Basic Pistol II you can repeat that course as often as you like! Now you are really learning and improving your skills.

Starting in May we're offering a Basic Pistol 2 re-takes only class. This class is for those who've taken Basic Pistol 2 already. It's free, but you have to CALL the range to sign up. 208-773-2331.
Do You Own A Gun You Just Don't Use? We can help you sell it.
Firearms are flying out of our consignment case. People are interested in our gently used inventory. So this is a great time to let us help you sell your firearm. Shot guns and handguns both are in high demand.
Member FUN Shoot

July 20
9AM - 1PM
 Every 3rd Saturday

New Series
July 17
Aug 21
Sept 18
  The Women Of Caliber
Shooting Club

2nd Tuesday of every month

July 13
Aug 10
Bullseye League meets every Thursday at 4:45 and 6 pm.  If anyone is interested in shooting Bullseye, we would be happy to have you join our league. It's costs $7 to shoot for the evening and you need 65 rounds of ammunition. The second and fourth Thursday of each month, we shoot the national match course at 50 feet. The third and fifth Thursday of each month, we shoot at 75 feet. The first Thursday of each month, we have a fun shoot. On even-numbered months, we shoot a Centerfire pistol at 50 feet using the 75 foot Target. Makes for some really interesting competition. On the first Thursday of odd numbered months, we shoot the Jack McElroy Bastard Aggregate. For this competition we shoot 30 rounds of rimfire and 30 rounds of centerfire at 75 ft. We then add both scores together for a possible 600 point match. So please come join us for some great competition and camaraderie. We love to have new shooters join our group and hope to see you there.

IDPA meets the 1st and 2nd Sunday of every month from 7:30-11am. Everyone's welcome. Come watch and learn or participate. Newcomers always welcome. $10
IDPA in July will be the 2nd and 3rd Sunday.

GSSF Glock Matches:The 3rd Saturday of every month. Shoot in 2 of 3 matches in a series and be eligible to win a Glock pistol. Yes, Center Target Sports gives away a Glock every 3 months! Call the range for more details. We were just voted the Best Range in the USA for 2020 by GSSF!!!


WOMEN of CALIBER: Our "Women of Caliber" group meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month 4:45-7pm.
Please bring eye and ear protection as well as photo ID. Dummy rounds for your specific caliber are also recommended along with 2-3 magazines if using your own firearm.  If needed, CTS will loan you a handgun free of charge with purchase of their ammo.
Everyone is welcome to attend the educational portion of the meeting from 5-6, however due to the growing number of ladies attending, we do not have enough mentors to work with new shooters. A basic pistol course is required to attend the shooting portion. Exceptions need to be discussed with Darla.

July Topic: Home defense considerations
Emergency Lifesaver Course-2 days
July 17 & 18

EMT's Get 18 CEU's

This course is taught by tactical medical professionals with extensive field experience
from XSA International,

This class is the "Real Deal" and it will include very realistic wound makeup and fake blood etc... Bring extra clothes as in some cases they will be cut in real-life form to access some wounds.

Don't miss this class.

You are not registered in this class until it is paid for. It can be paid by Paypal on our website or you can call in your credit card number or you can come in person to pay. 

Since this is not a CTS class, there will be NO refunds on this class, NO re-takes and NO senior rate.

Intro to Carbine - July 10

This is the class we added to satisfy the demand for an intro level class to the AR rifle. So many of these rifles are being purchased and in many cases they are misunderstood. This is the class for the person who needs to be exposed to the basics of this weapons system. The class will develop an understanding of this rifle and provide an intro into the fundamentals necessary for a student to take our more advanced basic carbine class.
Basic Carbine July 25

Basic Carbine is the class that teaches the proper manipulation and function of the carbine for defense. This is an 6 hour course limited to 10 students. This course is designed to introduce students to the rifle and develop safe essential rifle skills. You will learn the short and medium range applications which are encountered by Law Enforcement/Military personnel in an urban/rural environment.

This course covers: ammunition selection, ballistics, loading, unloading and malfunctions, positions and aiming, marksmanship fundamentals, cover and concealment.

scoped rifle class
Precision Scoped Rifle July 30 & 31
Classroom July 30 at 5:00 pm CTS
Live Fire July 31 at Fernan Outdoor Range
Our Precision Scoped Rifle course will be offered once again this summer.
This class will be taught the evening of July 30th in the classroom at CTS and all day July 31st at the phenomenal outdoor facility at Fernan Rod and Gun Club. 
Friday night (5:00-9:00pm) at CTS we will lay the ground work and zero our rifles for the live fire day to follow on Saturday (8am-5pm).  
This course is designed for students who want to experience the basics of deploying a scoped precision rifle. This course will benefit sport shooters, hunters, and the defensive minded shooter wishing to develop a long range engagement capability. Many people purchase a precision rifle "sniper rifle" but really do not know how to use it to it's full potential. This class is designed to cover all the basic fundamentals required to make long range precision shots. 
This class will cover optics mounting, zeroing, basic range estimation, shooting positions, environmental factors, ballistics, ammunition selection, fundamentals of precision marksmanship and rifle care.
Equipment needed:
  • Rifle capable of 1 MOA or better, optic of 4X power or larger, caliber .223/.308 or larger.
  • Precision Optic with Scaled Turrets, 4 power or larger
  • 100 rounds of match grade ammo
  • Spotting scope or high powered binoculars (optional)
  • Cleaning kit with one piece rod
  • Proper range attire
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional but highly suggested)
  • Bi-pod or shooting bag
  • Rear bag
Gunsmith Corner
 All this heat has boiled some old knowledge to the surface of my mind. Get next to your AC with a cool beverage and enjoy the ride.
While loading propellants in general have gotten more stable over the last few years it is important to remember that extreme heat and cold can have serious effects on ammunition and firearms. The later much less than the former. 

Several decades back I loaded some 243 ammo with my favorite load using a 75 grain varmit bullet. I shot hundreds of these and they always performed well. I was loading in preparation for a trip to southern Utah to hunt rock chucks and prairie dogs. It was a hot weekend with temperatures into the hundreds and plenty of targets. In the middle of Saturday afternoon I fired a round that sounded and felt different. Upon inspecting the rifle I found the case was blown in half with the front portion still in the chamber. The rest was smeared around the bolt and driven into the firing pin hole. We literally had to beat the bolt open with a wood block and hammer. My weekend hunt ended then and there. I headed home with my broken rifle and a thousand questions.

I took both to an experienced gunsmith friend and related my tale of woe. He asked where the ammo had been kept while shooting. I said mine had just been sitting on the tailgate of my truck. Also there were times that rounds were on the portable bench or in the magazine on the bench. Al grinned and said you were using brand x powder as usual and it burns very fast when heated. The round that blew up in the gun would have been fine in my home climate of 80 degrees or less, but in the bright sun and 100 degree plus heat the pressure went up exponentially. The rifle and I both survived the ordeal and I spent a bunch of time studying to fully understand my lesson. It turns out that a new ball powder that I was using was heat sensitive. The information was difficult for me to dig up in my pre-internet days but the lesson is still well remembered. The load was pushing the outer limits of sanity. (I don’t visit that realm anymore.) Hot load coupled with high heat and the sensitive powder was the perfect storm.

Even factory ammunition can be adversely affected by high temperatures. It might not reach the catastrophic level that I did but it could create problems. Keep ammo shaded and cool as much as possible. Always be cognizant of changes in the sound and feel of your fire arm. Never disregard that hunch that something doesn’t feel right.

Keep cool, keep shooting and be happy.

Hours for our Gunsmith Dept are Tues & Wed 1pm-5pm
Thurs, Fri, Sat 1pm-6pm
Think Gift Certificates for any occasion!

or Just Because!

Gift and Accessory Idea Cards

If you are having difficulty finding that perfect gift we have created a list of gift ideas based on the firearm type that your recipient may own. 

For example, we have compiled a list of items that would be appropriate to a pistol owner, a rifle owner, etc...

Come in today and get a Gift Idea List Card. You and your special person will be glad you did.
Members Only
"Deal of the Month" for June
25% off .556 ammo
Limit 5 boxes
Upcoming Class Schedule

ID Enhanced CCW - July 10,14,20,25
Youth Firearms Safety - July 23
Basic Pistol - July 7,11,12,26,31
Basic Pistol 2 - July 13,16
Basic Pistol 2 (re-takes only) - July 6,21
Defensive Handgun 1- July 24
Intro to Carbine - July 10
Basic Carbine - July 25
Precision Scoped Rifle (2 days) - July 30 & 31
Refuse to be a Victim - July 28
Emergency LIfesaver Course (2 days) - July 17 & 18

We offer HR 218 quals every other Friday at 9am. Call the range for the next time and date and to sign up.

 Owner Orientation Classes:  
Owner Orientation classes are the free one hour class you receive when you purchase a gun at Center Target Sports. Just bring your receipt and show up. If you want to take the class and didn't buy your gun from us, the class is $40 and everyone's welcome. All Owner Orientation classes at 3:30pm unless otherwise noted.
Ruger - July 7
Springfield - July 16
Shotgun - July 14
1911 - Aug
AR - July 21
Revolver - July 28
S&W semi-auto - July 20
Sig - July 15
Glock - July 6
"All Others"- Taurus, Bersa, Beretta, Kel-tec, Walther, Kahr, CZ, Lionheart -
July 8,27
This Month's Shooting/Safety Tip

What Makes You a Low-Light Winner ?
I recently had discussions with two gentlemen, one LE officer and one civilian. Both men had potentially life ending situations in low-light circumstances. It amazed me how unprepared they both were for fighting in the dark.

What follows is a training tip previously published here about 6 years ago.  It addresses some of the issues both men expressed during our conversation. I believe many of you may benefit from this info as well. I hope it helps.
Recently there seems to be more and more written, discussed, and even advertised about working under low-light conditions. Maybe I am just more sensitive to these issues as this is a subject that I am passionate about and compelled to learn more. Through research, experimentation, and clinical study I am constantly looking for answers.
My purpose in this article pertains to how I believe you can immediately impact your low-light survivability. Sadly, many firearms instructors spend most of their time teaching the popular flashlight techniques that have been around forever. That's OK to a point.  Flashlight techniques are important and they need to be understood. However, there is more to operating in the night than knowing how to hold a flashlight.  
Develop an Understanding
I believe you need to develop greater understanding of the physiological and psychological aspects you will encounter while under stress in the dark. A comprehensive understanding of these factors will allow you to select and train in the techniques that work for your particular environment and personal limitations or capabilities. You need to understand that these are factors that affect everyone who operates in a low-light environment good guys and bad guys alike. Developing the knowledge, tools, tactics, and techniques to "Rule the Night" and not merely exist in it could save your life. 
A great place to start to improve your low-light survivability is by studying the Human Eye Physiology, Affects of Body Alarm Response (BAR) in the dark, and the low-light skills of Visual Patience, and don't overlook the importance of using your Light Source as a Control Device.  
At a minimum, learn the function of the eye's Rods and Cones. Understand how the Cones during day time, provide us with color and detail. In the dark the Rods take over and allow us to see movement rather than fine detail. Knowing where the Rods and Cones are located will reinforce why off-center viewing is so critical at night. Did you know that the amount of light we need to see at night doubles every 13 years?   
We need to understand that in reduced light, our mind will try to fill in what our eyes can't see. This becomes even more difficult to manage under stressful conditions. We have all heard instructors talk about Fight or Flight Response. Lately we are hearing the term Body Alarm Response (BAR) in the place of Fight or Flight. The BAR is the body's response to the high stress of a life threatening attack situation. Add the psychological & physiological changes that are magnified by the lack of light and the Low-Light BAR can be the most severe you will ever experience. 
"Tunnel Vision" or "Perceptual Narrowing" can be explained by the physiological and psychological changes that accompany the BAR. As humans we have an innate tendency to narrow attention upon a threat during extreme stress. 
Visual Patience
Visual patience is a term I use to describe the act of leaving your light on long enough to identify what you are looking at. Emotions of the fight and visual patience are often mixed or confused when we attempt to analyze the high stress environment of a gun fight.   
Control With Light
I believe here is where you can tremendously improve your ability to win at night. You should learn to use light to control the bad guy. How do you use light as a force option? I bet I've got you wondering now.  By placing the hot spot of your light in your opponent's eyes, you reduce his ability to see you clearly and mount any type of attack as you approach. He is unable to assess your physical conditioning, your size, determine if you are alone, look for an escape route, or look for cover, just to mention a few advantages. 

If you have a quality light source, and you know how to use it, you can gain the advantages as stated above every time you confront a suspect in a diminished light environment.  
I believe the single most important thing you can do to improve your survivability is to improve your understanding of operating in the low-light environment. Never before, have we had the tools, access to the knowledge and clinical research available to us to truly "Rule the Night". 
Remember....Be Safe... 
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