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Why take our ID Enhanced CCW??

Posted: Monday, August 31, 2015


It's no secret that the New Idaho Enhanced CCW permit is our most popular class.  I am often surprised by the questions asked by some of the students in those classes as they don't seem to understand why the enhanced class is the best way to go.


Many of you kCCW gunnow that we were the first business in the region to offer the Utah class. A number of you have expressed surprise at the fact that we are no longer teaching a class that we have taught to over 12,000 students. You should not be surprised as our entire training program is based on and committed to offering our students the best value and experience possible.


Frankly, the Utah CCW class does not offer any advantage to an Idaho resident who has the Enhanced permit. We are constantly fielding questions from students about what to do when their Idaho basic permit and Utah permit are about to expire. Our recommendation is to let them both expire and start the process to get your Enhanced Idaho permit BEFORE they do.  Enhanced ID covers Nevada and New Mexico as well as Washington State.


We are very appreciative of the tremendous demand for our training programs, especially the Enhanced class. There are many places to get this training and we are humbled that by the end of this year we will surpass 15,000 students. Why is this? That's the question especially when our programs require so much more than demanded by the State code.


I believe that people want to be held to a standard and we have always required our students to qualify in a CCW class. Even the Enhanced permit does not specify a course of fire, but at CTS we do. We also allow our students to repeat any class completed forever for FREE. I don't know any other way to put my money where my mouth is to show our commitment to our students.


In addition, I will participate in their defense if litigation is ever an issue. We also cover in great detail subjects such as; ballistics, interaction with police, attorneys, attackers, and much more.


Hope to see you in class someday... Be Safe...Ed

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